Kamakura Fukumi

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A local Japanese restaurant that makes full use of Kamakura's seasonal fish and vegetables

Kamakura Fukumi is a Japanese restaurant on Komachi Street, approximately 3-minute walk from Kamakura Station. When you pass through the traditional shop curtain and go up to the second floor, Chef Yoshimasa Ikeda will welcome you with a big smile.
After honing his Japanese culinary skills in several famous restaurants, including Ginza Asami and Kyoto's Ryōzanpaku, Chef Ikeda returned to his hometown. He garnered popularity as heir to "Japanese Cuisine Ichiyō," managed by his father in Hayama, where he served cuisine that provided an experience of the shifting seasons of Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan. In 2019, 6 years later, he decided he wants to serve dishes cooked at a counter where he can talk with his customers. He then made a new start with "Kamakura Fukumi." The restaurant's name, chosen by a tea master Chef Ikeda is training under, carries connotations of "savoring happiness."
Since his return to Hayama, Chef Ikeda has been determined to use local Kanagawa ingredients. He uses fresh ingredients, such as fish from Sagami Bay and the coastal waters off Matsuwa and Hashirimizu, and Kamakura vegetables, including, Miura vegetables grown on the Miura Peninsula. Stating that his role is an intermediary between the farmer and the customer, he gets his ingredients directly, without the go-between of the local market, resulting in exciting, once-in-a-lifetime cuisine made with fresh ingredients. His cooking style is a combination of tradition and innovation. He carefully instills basic Japanese cuisine with progress. His specialty is Grilled Sesame Tofu. This masterpiece is made with soy milk produced by Shimizu Shokuhin, with an exquisite harmony of crispy and fragrant outside and creamy inside. Around 10 varieties of high quality Japanese sake are available, with a focus on local Kanagawa breweries selected by Chef Ikeda himself, as well as others from Niigata, Sado, and elsewhere.
The restaurant has a quiet interior with a sense of peace. Couples and solo guests can enjoy dishes at the wooden counter (with 5 seats), while celebrations with family and friends or business dinner can be enjoyed at the table seating. We want you to enjoy the unique flavors of Kamakura to the full, in every season.

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A 5-minute walk from Kamakura Station, West Exit (JR Yokosuka Line)



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    Date of Visit: 1/2022
    Plesant atmosphere with a lot of space and privacy. Excellent seasonal food and solid drink menu. Superb English skills from the staff. Felt very welcome. Highly recommend and will come again.
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9,300 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
14,000 JPY / Guest



Kamakura Fukumi [鎌倉ふくみ]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm (L.O.1:30 pm) Dinner: 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm (L.O. 6:30 pm)


Monday, Mondays; if Monday is a holiday then Tuesday


2F, Osaki Building, 1-1-29, Ougigayatuougigayatu, Kamakura, Kanagawa


Kamakura Fukumi [鎌倉ふくみ]