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11,000 JPY 〜
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The RED U -35 Grand Prix chef challenges and innovates in his hometown of Hiroshima.

In Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, there is a ferry that goes to Miyajima where you could find the World Heritage Site "Itsukushima Shrine." 8-minute walk from ""Miyajimaguchi"" locates AKAI. Located on a hill slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the touristic area, this is a restaurant located at a renovated 80 year-old private house. Chef Akai Kenji serves simple and heartwarming dishes made with plenty of local ingredients.

Chef Akai is from Hiroshima City. After working at Italian restaurants in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, he served as a chef at a wine bar in Hiroshima. At that time, he was attracted by the compositional power of the dishes in French cuisine, so he went to France. He studied for about 1 and half year at Le Relais Louis XIII in Paris, and was selected as one of the top performers of ""Hiroshima Chef Contest"" hosted by Hiroshima Prefecture; he stood out as a chef of French cuisine. For his 3rd trip to France, he was in charge of grilling the meat at the world gourmet guide award restaurant Maison PIC in Valence. In 2017, he won the Grand Prix ""RED U -35"" in ""RED EGG"", a competition among chefs to discover their young talent, and attracted attention. After that, he brushed up his skills at bridal venues and in May 2019, he opened his own restaurant AKAI in his hometown Hiroshima.

Chef Akai says ""I chose my own name for the restaurant because I wanted to express my view of life and cooking, I wanted to live simply and simply."" The AKAI dishes are freshly baked and served in front of you with a live feeling. There is no standard menu because the cuisine is made with inspiration from the ingredients. The course is the same for lunch and dinner, with only omakase course consist of around 10 dishes. As for the ingredients, the chef tried not to to use imported ingredients except truffles, and keep good ingredients within his reach. For example, raw oysters from Daikokugami Island in Etajima City, Hiroshima, are poured with olive oil from Etajima Island, and the consommé of suffocating pigeons is sprinkled with micro-herbs made in Sera-cho ""Yoshimune Farm"". The meat dish is chicken breast roti from Kitahiroshima-cho ""Farm buffo"", and the dessert is lemon sorbet from Kamikamagarijima. With the chef's continuing love for Hiroshima, the dinnerware is made by the Etajima potter Yusuke Wakasa. Moreover, a lot of attention is paid to the rice dish and dessert at the end. ""The aim is to provide the best food in the history of life that everyone knows as a Japanese standard. And at the end, customers would say that I want to have AKAI pudding again, or I will come for AKAI hayashi rice again,"" says the chef. Wine and Japanese Sake available for alcohol, focusing on Champagne, Alsace, Loire for white wine, and Burgundy for red wine. They always have 3 ~ 4 types of wine by the glass. There are several types of non-alcoholic tea option.

There are only 8 counter seats in the restaurant. You can enjoy the simple AKAI with your family and friends, or go on a trip to Miyajima for lunch at 'AKAI' on weekends. Experience the world of AKAI in various situations.

*The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 8-minute walk from Miyajimaguchi Station (JR Sanyo Main Line)
3-minute by Taxi from Miyajimaguchi Station (JR Sanyo Main Line)
If you come by car, we have a free parking lot in front of the store.

*The location of the shop is a little difficult to find, so please be careful. It is located at the place indicated by Google Map, but it is a Japanese house located at the top of the hill, and you can't see the entrance of the shop unless you climb the hill.
*Please call the Pocket Concierge (03-6450-5311) for any inquiries.



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    Date of Visit: 7/2020
    食材にとても真剣に向き合って、とにかく真面目に料理されていると感じました。 グラスワインもお料理と一緒にいただいて、お互いが一番美味しくなるものを出していただいたようで、ついついたくさんいただいてしまいました。 またぜひうかがいたいと思います。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend
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    Date of Visit: 6/2020
    雰囲気も良く、お料理も美味しく、ワインともよく合って、最高の時間を過ごすことができました。 一口食べて感動するお料理もあったり、最後のコーヒーまで本当に美味しかったです。 そして、シェフのお人柄がとても心地よかったです。 ぜひまた伺いたいと思いました。
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    Date of Visit: 3/2020
    丁寧に対応していただけました。 料理もおいしかったです。
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Omakase Course
11,000 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
11,000 JPY / Guest



AKAI [AKAI(アカイ)]

Cuisine Type

Other Western cuisine

Opening hours

Lunch: From 11:45 am Dinner: From 6:45 pm Please arrive between 11:45 am to 12:00 pm for lunch and 6:45 pm to 7:00 pm for dinner course. As the meal starts all together, please do not be late


Tuesday, Irregular Holidays twice a week


4-3-41, Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima


AKAI [AKAI(アカイ)]