Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo

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An artistic grand maison featuring the sensibilities of chef Hiroki Hiramatsu

Established in 1982. The former Grand Maison of Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo was "Hiramatsu Tei," a small restaurant in Nishiazabu. It has moved to a place one minute walk from Hiroo Station. Hiroshima-born Hiroki Hiramatsu is the second generation chef.

Chef Hiramatsu trained at Les Prés d'Eugenie-Michel Guérard after graduating from the Tsuji-style group in France as the top of the class. In 2003, he joined Hiramatsu Inc., sharpened his skills in Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo, and returned to France. After training at L’Auberge de l’Ill and Paul Bocues, he served as the sous-chef of Restaurant Hiramatsu Paris before becoming the head chef in Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo in 2012.

The theme of Chef Hiramatsu's cooking is subtraction, where the basic sauce and garnishes of French cuisine are kept to a minimum, and excessive staging is eliminated. "It's not just simple. When I looked into how I could enhance French culture as a Japanese chef and how I could please and impress customers, it naturally turned into my own French cuisine," says Chef Hiramatsu. The ingredients are sourced from Japan, such as Okamoto Farm in Hiroshima and Kajinami Farm in Miyazaki. They are carefully selected from producers who can be called partners because of the trusted relationship. About 20 types of cheese, mainly from France and Italy, are served on the wagon, including domestic cheese from Hiroshima and other cities. The chef has a close relationship with Hiroshima, his hometown. Also, when it comes to Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo, there is a rare and rich wine stock. There are more than 500 brands and a wide range of vintage wines on the wine curve, and about 3,000 wines await their debut. The sommelier will suggest wine that goes well with the cuisine prepared by Chef Hiramatsu.

The restaurant is bright and gorgeous with lots of greenery and sunshine during lunch time. The wall is decorated with all the original paintings of the artist, and the first floor is a luxurious private room surrounded by the warm entrance and artworks. On the second floor, there is a semi-private room with a beautiful view of the trees from the large window and a completely private room with a fireplace. The third floor is the main dining area. Luxuriously, there is a private art museum in the basement, and it is an elegant space where you can enjoy food and art. You will want to enjoy the deep French cuisine drawn by the chef Hiramatsu at family gatherings, date, business gatherings, wine gatherings and with guests from overseas.

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A 1-minute walk from Hiroo Station, Exit 1 (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)




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12,650 円 / 人
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Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo [レストランひらまつ 広尾]




Lunch:11:30 am - 3:00 pm (L.O.1:00 pm) Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm (L.O.8:00 pm)




5-15-13, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo [レストランひらまつ 広尾]