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A two-star restaurant in Totorri specializing in Matsuba crab, which is visited by guests from all over the world

Kani Yoshi is a two-star restaurant specializing in Matsuba crab which is visited by guests not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. The restaurant is located in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, in a shopping district near Tottori Station and is run by the Yamada family. Tatsuya Yamada, a third generation chef and also a broker at Hamasaka Fishing Port in Hyogo Prefecture, works with his mother, Mitsuko Yamada, who is a second generation. Together, they put their heart and soul into every aspect of the restaurant from the purchasing to the cooking. Their goal is "For guests to taste the deliciousness of Matsuba crab from Hamasaka."

The Yamada family have served as brokers at Hamasaka Fishing Port for generations. Kani Yoshi was opened in 1963 by Yamada's grandmother and uncle. Chef Yamada took over as the third generation to run the restaurant in 1990. After that, the restaurant earned two stars in a gourmet guidebook. The dishes in Kani Yoshi are inspired by the memories of Chef Yamada's food tasting experiences from when he traveled around the world.

The Matsuba crabs are expertly selected by his mother, who has a career as a broker, only buying the best quality and most expensive crabs of the day. She immediately carries them to the restaurant for preparation. For crab, "selection and subsequent processing" is the game. The focus of Kani Yoshi is not to break the crab meat. "In terms of meat, if it peels, you will get minced meat. The point is to enjoy the crab with a mouth full of meat without losing its wholeness," Chef Yamada asserts. The "Grilled Crab" is made without using charcoal, which disturbs the flavor of the crab whilst the "Crab hot pot" is made by quickly cooking the live crabs and eating them immediately.

The taste of Matsuba crab changes throughout the seasons, and through the courses you can enjoy various flavors of Matsuba crab with seasonings. You can enjoy the famous crab at Kani Yoshi from November to March only. The season from April to October is "Natsu Yoshi," where you can enjoy seafood besides crab, from the Sea of Japan.

The restaurant has a wide variety of alcohol such as beer, shochu, plum wine and a selection of wines that compliment the crab and seafood dishes. They are very particular about sake. Hot sake "Bentenmusume" from Tottori, local sake "Isamu Taka" and "Chiyomusubi", "Nakajimaya" and "Taka" from Yamaguchi, "Kokken" from Fukushima, "Shami" from Gifu and more, are selected according to the season.

For the interior, cedar, which is a specialty of Chizu Town in Tottori Prefecture, is used for the ceiling, walls and even single-panel tables. They use Arita-ware and Mitani-ware and have paintings of local artist, Mitsutatsu Morita, to create a gentle and elegant atmosphere. They also have an English menu that introduces how to eat crab, so foreign guests can come to the restaurant without hesitation. If you want to eat delicious crab, please visit Kani Yoshi with your family, friends or colleagues.

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A 7-minute walk from Tottori Station, (JR Sanin Main Line (Toyooka - Yonago) or JR Inbi Line)






Kani Yoshi [かに吉(かによし)]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch: 2:30pm - 4:30pm (Last Entry: 2:30pm) Dinner: 5:00pm - 10:00pm (Last Entry: 8:30pm)


No holiday, Irregular Holidays


 2F, 271, Tottori

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Kani Yoshi [かに吉(かによし)]