Sushi Jubei

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The evolving second-generation sushi with high recognition a two-star restaurant in Fukui

4 kilometers northwest of JR Fukui Station, “Sushi Jubei” stands along the main road in the residential area, is a two-star famous sushi restaurant that is one of the best in Fukui and visited by many guests from outside the prefecture.

The second-generation owner of “Sushi Jubei”, which has been in business for over 40 years, is Tetsuya Tsukada. After training in “Sushizen” in Sapporo for 6 years, owner Tsukada returned to Fukui and went to his father's restaurant. The restaurant was completely renovated when he became the second-generation owner in 2013, and the contents of sushi changed drastically from the previous ones. With the motto "making customers smile", he pursues his original style based on the seafood of Fukui and reliable technology.

In addition to visiting the fishing ports by himself and purchasing fish from Fukui and other Hokuriku regions, seafood is also carefully selected from Tokyo (Toyosu), Hokkaido, etc. The tuna that is stocked with the best every season is also a specialty. He also studied his own way of gripping it and uses the rare method "Tatekaeshi (Turn over)". The slightly warm sushi rice that is made with a blend of red vinegar and rice vinegar supports the taste of the selected seafood. The restaurant mainly has refreshing and dry sake that accentuates the fish. They also have Japanese sake, wine and champagne. Among them, Japanese sake has a wide variety. At any given time, 70% of the 20 brands are local, and the remaining 30% are prepared on a monthly basis, focusing on brands from outside the prefecture. The dazzling Nara cypress counter has 8 counter seats and a private room table. The simple interior design and the subtle hospitality of the four seasons create a relaxing space. The young and diligent owner's courteous work and quiet passion are impressive.

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Fukui Station (JR Hokuriku Main Line (Maibara - Toyama), JR Etsumi-Hoku Line (Kuzuryu Line))
A 5-minute walk from Nikka Kagakumae Station



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Sushi Jubei [鮨十兵衛(じゅうべい)]

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Lunch:12:00pm - 2:00pm. Dinner: 6:00pm - 11:00pm




5-17-5, Bunkyo, Fukui, Fukui


Sushi Jubei [鮨十兵衛(じゅうべい)]