Sushi Saiko

17,300 円 〜
/ 人

Enjoy some of Hokkaido’s finest produce at this locally-beloved Edomae-style sushi restaurant in Sapporo

Sushi Saiko is located on the first floor of a building near Susukino Station in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. "I want you to enjoy the whole of Hokkaido," says chef Mitsuhiro Nishimaki, who uses ingredients unique to Hokkaido to showcase his skills.

Chef Nishimaki joined Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Tamazushi to become a sushi chef, spending seven years training before he returned to Sapporo. After honing his skills at a local sushi restaurant, he managed Hanamaru Sushi Kappo Ajisai for seven years before becoming independent. In 2012, after many years, he opened Sushi Saiko.

"If customers choose our shop from a large number of sushi restaurants, I want them to be satisfied enough to say that they were glad they came," says chef Nishimaki. He makes sushi using Edomae-style techniques that exemplify Hokkaido’s renowned produce, such as kinki, sea urchin, and scallop; tuna is sourced locally, while fresh hairy crabs are cooked slowly at the restaurant. Nanatsuboshi, a local rice varietal, forms the foundation of the sushi, which is then married to a blend of red vinegar, rice vinegar from Fuji, and Iio Jozo vinegar from Kyoto.

The restaurant mainly serves Hokkaido sake, with 10-15 different varieties of seasonal sake on offer, such as Hiyaoroshi in autumn, and freshly-squeezed sake for the winter. Sapporo classic, a local beer, and white wine are also available.

Wood dominates the restaurant interior, lending it a calm atmosphere. Guests are invited to take their places around a 10-seat hinoki cypress counter, decorated with pottery made by local artisan Toshiya Shimozawa. Ideal for dinners with family, friends, or business associates, Sushi Saiko is worth seeking out in Hokkaido.

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A 3-minute walk from Susuki Station, Exit 3 (Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line)
A 5-minute walk from Hosui Susuki Station (Sapporo Municipal Subway Toho Line)
A 12-minute walk from Odori Station (Sapporo Municipal Subway Toho Line)



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Omakase Course
17,300 円 / 人



Sushi Saiko [鮨 西光(すし さいこう)]




5:30pm - 11:00pm


Sunday, Public Holidays (Long-Holiday)


3-6-6, Minamirokujonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido



Sushi Saiko [鮨 西光(すし さいこう)]