Roppongi Taira

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Edomae-style sushi in Roppongi with a night view that you will want to visit for business gatherings or for a date

Roppongi Taira is located in a building along Roppongi street right next to Roppongi Station. The restaurant uses carefully-selected seasonal ingredients and serve side dishes and nigiri in a course. You can enjoy the finest Edomae-style sushi while looking at the night view in the clean and dignified space.

The fish used in the nigiri are selected ingredients from Toyosu, Kanazawa, Karatsu, Hokkaido, etc., directly from the local area. The sushi is made with vinegared rice mixed with Japanese rice and 3 types of red vinegar to create an exquisite balance of sushi. Famous sake from all over Japan that matches with sushi are available.

There are only eight seats at the spacious counter where you can see the view of Roppongi below. You can see Tokyo Tower from the separate private room that children can use together, and you can enjoy a private space without meeting other guests. An early reservation is recommended. You can stay at the restaurant until 1am on weekdays, and English menu is also available. You can thoroughly enjoy the long night of Roppongi.

* The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 1-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Exit 1 (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



  • 30's

    Date of Visit: 1/2023
    The staff was very accommodating and fluent in English. The private room was comfortable. Food was top quality and serving was more than enough. Best for family with kids wanting to try an authentic Omakase experience.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Other
  • 30's

    Date of Visit: 9/2020
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Date



Omakase Course
27,500 JPY / Guest



Roppongi Taira [六本木 鯛良(ろっぽんぎ たいら)]

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Opening hours

[Mon - Fri] 6:00pm - 1:00am(L.O.12:30am) [Sat・Sun・Public Holidays] 6:00pm - 10:00pm(L.O.9:30pm)


No holiday, If Monday is a holiday, then Sunday will be open, and Monday will be closed instead


6-2-35, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Roppongi Taira [六本木 鯛良(ろっぽんぎ たいら)]