Villa della Pace

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A blessing from the sea and mountains of the Noto Peninsula. An Italian restaurant in a house where you can fully enjoy the four seasons of Hokuriku

Only 10 minutes by car from Nanao City, “Villa della Pace” is located in the center of the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is a log house-style Italian restaurant that stands against the forest where you can feel the warmth of the wood.

Chef Meju Hirata is from Tokyo. After training at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo for about 8 years, he moved to the Noto Peninsula because of its high quality meat, fish and vegetables and opened “Villa della Pace” in 2016. The restaurant only serves Omakase Courses. "Oboro kelp Backfat Squid" is a dish you should definitely try. It is a specialty where you can enjoy the multilayered umami by wrapping the squid, which can be caught throughout the year in Noto, with ham made from pork backfat and shredded kelp. Konbu is also one of the foodstuffs associated with Hokuriku, because it was a port of call for trading ships and kitamae-bune (cargo ships that sailed the Japan Sea during the Edo period). Mr. Hirata buys all of his ingredients directly from the source. He feels that it is important that the ingredients are visible to the person who is making them to guarantee their quality, and represent the true sense of the season. One example of this is that all of the mushrooms and nuts he uses to make his dishes are harvested in the mountains. Another feature of Villa dell Pace is its wild game dishes. Ino (wild boar) and deer caught in the neighboring mountains are incorporated into the main meat dishes and pasta sauce. Furthermore, all of the pottery at the restaurant is made by a local artist with a texture that conveys the nature of Noto.

Guests can select from around 300 types of wine, mainly from Japan and Italy, from specifically selected grapes grown in specific climates that Hirata-san prefers. There are about 10 kinds of sake available and Hirata-san has carefully selected those that he feels truly represent the individuality of the brewer, regardless of the origin of the sake.

Villa dell Pace has 10 tables and guests are limited to 2 to 4 groups per day. The restaurant features a high ceiling which creates an extraordinary atmosphere, and from the large windows you can enjoy nature in every season such as cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves. The restaurant is recommended for celebrations such as family birthdays and anniversaries, as well as for dates, business dinner parties, and gatherings of people who enjoy Noto's delicious food. An English menu can be prepared in advance for overseas guests. Please visit Villa della Pace in order to fully enjoy the blessings of the sea, located in the village of Noto in Hokuriku.

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10 minutes by taxi from Nanao Station (JR Nanao Line and Noto Railway Nanao Line)



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Villa della Pace [Villa della Pace(ヴィラ・デラ・パーチェ)]

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Lunch:12:00pm - 3:00pm (L.O.1:00pm). Dinner: 5:30pm - 10:00pm (L.O. 7:00pm)


Thursday, Only dinners are available on Fridays


36-4-2, Sitamati, Nanao, Ishikawa


Villa della Pace [Villa della Pace(ヴィラ・デラ・パーチェ)]