Sushi Watanabe Sapporo

15,015 JPY 〜
/ Guest
15,015 JPY 〜
/ Guest

An Ezomae sushi restaurant where you can savor the taste of sushi made with ingredients from Hokkaido, prepared with Edomae techniques, "Watanabe-ryu (style)"

“Sushi Watanabe Sapporo” is located just a 4 minute-walk from Susukino Station in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. It is on the 4th floor of the building. In downtown Sapporo, which is visited by many tourists from Japan and abroad, chef Tomohito Watanabe creates the "Ezomae Sushi".

Born in Hokkaido, chef Watanabe trained at famous Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants in Tokyo and worked as a chef from an early age. With the "Edomae techniques" he cultivated in Tokyo, he returned to his hometown, Nakashibetsu and became independent. Later, it became known as the first "Ezomae Sushi" in the Doto area, and continues to operate to this day. While working as a sushi chef, he also devoted himself to training young people. He left the Nakashibetsu main restaurant to his young protege, who had trained under him for 10 years and became his right-hand man. In 2018, he opened his 2nd store in Susukino, the busiest district in Hokkaido, where he stands at the counter and serves the guests himself.

“Sushi Watanabe Sapporo” uses ingredients from Hokkaido (especially from eastern Hokkaido where Nakashibetsu is located) and uses Edomae techniques to make "Ezomae Sushi". Hokkaido "Yumepirika" rice and a blend of red vinegar and rice vinegar is used to make their vinegared rice. The signature dish is the "abalone". After steaming the abalone, liver sauce made from abalone liver, sea urchin and seaweed is mixed with vinegared rice. In addition, they also offer abalone soup, and even "Abalone sake (with dashi)", a luxurious dish where guests can enjoy three levels of flavors. The homemade tofu, which uses premium soybeans from Nakashibetsu, is also popular. The town of Nakashibetsu, which produces high-quality milk, has adopted a "be filled with milk" campaign and guests at the restaurant are welcomed with a cup of milk. They have 70 ~ 80 kinds of sake from around the country to pair with the dishes and various preferences of their customers. There are also 10 types of champagne available. The bowls are mainly made by local artists, and some of them are plates that Mr. Watanabe has made himself.

The restaurant has 8 L-shaped counter seats, table seats (up to 4 people) and 2 private rooms with a sunken kotatsu (up to 6 people). We would like you to enjoy Mr. Watanabe's "Ezomae Sushi" when dining and dating with family and friends, business events, such as entertaining clients, and welcoming guests from overseas.


This restaurant is the Sapporo branch of the main store “Sushi Watanabe” located in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido.

Please be aware that this restaurant has no affiliation with the restaurant of the same name, “Sushi Watanabe” based in Tokyo.

* The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 4-minute walk from Susukino Station on the Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line



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    Date of Visit: 7/2022
    いつもとても美味しい蝦夷前鮨ありがとうございました。 特に今、旬のブドウ海老や雲丹 最高でした! また、行きますので宜しくお願いします。
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    Date of Visit: 1/2022
    最初から最後まで文句なく美味しかったです。 一見の一人客でも親切に対応いただき、良い食事の時間が過ごせました。 日本酒のラインナップも良かったです。 また再訪したいです。
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Chef‘s Course
18,480 JPY / Guest
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15,015 JPY / Guest
Chef's Course
18,480 JPY / Guest



Sushi Watanabe Sapporo [鮨わたなべ 札幌店]

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Opening hours

Lunch:11:30am - 1:30pm (Last Entry 12:00pm) Dinner: 5:30pm - 10:30pm (Last Entry 9:00pm)


Irregular Holidays, Lunch is only available on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays


4丁目1, Minamirokujonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


Sushi Watanabe Sapporo [鮨わたなべ 札幌店]