Kyo Ryori Tomura

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An old pavilion restaurant in Toranomon that reflects the four seasons of Japan and continues to evolve over the years

“Kyo Ryori Tomura”, not far from Tokyo Metro Toranomon Station, is located in a quiet alley in the city center. It is decorated with noren that features the restaurant’s name and gives it a calm and welcoming appearance, raising the expectations of the guests who visit.

The owner, Kimio Tomura, has been a chef for over 40 years. “Kyo Ryori Tomura” opened in 1992 and moved from Akasaka to its current location in 2007. From season to season, the restaurant serves the best dishes that can only be eaten at that particular time. For instance, Bamboo in spring; abalone, sweetfish and natural eel in summer; soft-shelled turtle in autumn; and crab and wild game such as bear and duck in winter. Regular customers come to the restaurant looking for seasonal dishes. Bamboo is purchased directly from a farmer with whom they have a long relationship in Tsukahara, Kyoto; sweetfish that are called "golden sweetfish" is purchased in Akaishikawa in Shirakami mountain range; and wild game is purchased directly from hunters in Shirakami. Owner Tomura believes that by building a relationship of trust through years of interaction with the producers, he can gain a deep understanding of the environment in which the ingredients grow and how to use them to bring out the most delicious full flavours of the food. Even though the same dish is served at the same time every year, it is gradually improved and evolved. That is the depth of the cuisine that this long-established restaurant is truly proud of.

Rich ingredients are brought by Japan's beautiful four seasons. In order to serve them to perfection to their guests, owner Tomura takes care to express how good each ingredient is. Minimal modification brings out the best of their flavours. Sake is limited to brands which compliment but do not interfere with taste of the best dishes to ensure that his wish to fully enjoy the ingredients prepared in the best possible way can be fulfilled.

The quiet restaurant has 6 counter seats and 2 private rooms (4 and 8 people). The impressive L-shaped counter is 70 cm wide and is made of majestic Bishu cypress (Bishuhinoki) which is no longer available. It is perfect for dining with family, friends and colleagues, and it is possible to accommodate guests from overseas with owner Tomura and other English-speaking staff. You will want to enjoy the Japanese cuisine of each of the four seasons with a calm mind.

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A 3-minute walk from Toranomon Station, Exit 4 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)



  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 12/2022
    Mr. Tomura truly made seasonal ingredients shine. One may think the meal was so simple. But the way he cooked hamaguri clam, made sashimi, brew duck soup and brought out the best of matsuba crab was enlightening. It was a highly impressive meal. Simple, subtle but showed great care in ingredient selection and traditional cooking techniques.
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  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 8/2022
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  • 40's

    Date of Visit: 5/2021
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Omakse Course
48,400 JPY / Guest
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Omakase Course
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Kyo Ryori Tomura [京料理 と村(とむら)]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

6:00pm - 11:00pm (Last entry 8:00pm)


Sunday, Public Holidays


1-11-14, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Kyo Ryori Tomura [京料理 と村(とむら)]