Hyotei Annex

6,050 JPY 〜
/ Guest

An annex of a long-established 3-star restaurant with a long history near Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto

In Kyoto City, 5 minutes walk from Keage Station on the Tozai Subway Line, located in a quiet residential area just one block from Nanzen-ji Temple on Niomon-dori, is the 3-star restaurant “Hyotei (in the main building)”. If you continue walking about 20 meters past the stately gate you will come to the “Hyotei Annex”.

Hyotei started about 450 years ago as a tea house in the precincts of Nanzen-ji Temple. In 1837, it opened its doors as a Japanese restaurant and became famous as a restaurant that serves Kaiseki cuisine, with its specialties being "Hyotei egg" as well as the seasonal "Morning porridge". “Hyotei Annex” opened in 1972, next to the main building. Hyotei is a long-established Japanese restaurant, and at the Annex, guests can enjoy a unique menu that values the tastes and traditions of Kyoto cuisine.

The main dish for lunch is the "Shokado bento box". It is offered daily from noon to 4 PM, except on Thursdays. The Shokado bento comes with soup, rice and pickles as well as the famous "Hyotei egg" and grilled dishes made with seasonal ingredients such as takiawase. The ingredients are almost the same as Kaiseki cuisine. The "Morning porridge" is available from March 16th to November 30th and you can order the "Uzura (Quail) porridge" from December 1st until March 15th. Please be aware that the regular holidays and hours of service are different from the Hyotei in the main building.

The dining room has table seats and you can enjoy the distinctive tastes of Kyoto while looking at the elegant garden at this well-established restaurant with family, friends, and colleagues, dates, and guests who are visiting Kyoto from overseas. You can also enjoy the “wabi-sabi” (acceptance of transience and imperfection) culture of Kyoto here.

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A 10-minute walk from Keage Station, Exit 2(Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line)
20-minute by car from JR Kyoto Station



Shokado Bento
6,050 JPY / Guest



Hyotei Annex [瓢亭 別館]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Breakfast 8:00am – 11:00am. Lunch 12:00 – 4:00pm


Thursday, Irregular Holidays


35, Nanzenjikusagawa cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

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Hyotei Annex [瓢亭 別館]