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A high-class meat restaurant in Ginza where you can experience only with the best Japanese beef

“Nikuya Tanaka” is at a great location, just 2 minutes' walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, on the 9th floor of a commercial building. Chef Satoru Tanaka, who ran “Setsugetsuka”, a popular yakiniku restaurant and meat kappo in Nagoya, has opened this high-class meat kappo restaurant named after himself in Ginza, Tokyo.

Tanaka, whose father runs a butcher's shop, has been cutting and preparing meat since he was 10. He longed to run a restaurant that mainly served meat, and opened a yakiniku restaurant at the age of 25. Since then, the creative menus and store designs developed by Tanaka have become popular, and Nagoya's “Nikuya Setsugetsuka” has been featured in a publication of a world-famous gourmet guidebook. He now has 18 branches across Tokyo, Nagoya, Gifu and Shiga.

“Nikuya Tanaka” serves dishes that combine the best Japanese beef, such as the rare "Best Award Kobe Beef" and "Pure Tajima specialty Matsuzaka beef" with seasonal ingredients cooked over charcoal. Over 100 cows are auctioned off annually, and Tanaka, who calls himself "butcher", is an expert at carefully selecting the cows and aims to make top level meat kappo. His wine comes from a world famous winery that produces delicious wine which creates a glorious synergy of tastes when paired with the best quality Japanese beef. The sommelier will select the wine according to guests’ preferences and the taste of the wagyu beef.

The interior was designed by Yasumichi Morita, a designer from "GLAMOROUS", who works on interior design in Japan and overseas. The theme is "Japan in the World", using lacquered materials and plain wood, Morita-san has created a luxurious space with a Japanese ambience. There are only 25 seats in the spacious area of 50 tsubo, and all guests are guaranteed to enjoy seeing the meat being prepared. Enjoy the best meat kappo in Ginza with family, friends, for meat parties and dates.

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A 2-minute walk from Ginza Station, Exit C2 (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)






Nikuya Tanaka [肉屋 田中 ]

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5:00pm - 11:00pm (Last Entry 8:30pm)


Sunday, Irregular Holidays (Please confirm with the restaurant)


6-4-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Nikuya Tanaka [肉屋 田中 ]