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An up-and-coming yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy rare meat carefully-selected by meat specialists

“Ushimatsu” is located in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. Since its opening in January 2020, this yakiniku restaurant has been attracting attention not only from the yakiniku industry, but also from the entire restaurant industry. Head chef Tatsuo Hirakubo came from the famous restaurant “Yakiniku Shimizu” in Fudomae, Tokyo and trained at "Yoshizawa Chikusan", which deals with the finest meat in Tokyo. He works closely with meat specialist who can judge the quality of meat at auction sites. As a result of eating around the country and pursuing deliciousness, “Ushimatsu” only provides meat that satisfies customers.

The meat is from Tajima-breed heifer that is full of umami of Japanese black beef. Normally, yakiniku restaurants entrust meat delivery to intermediate wholesalers, but just as sushi chefs visit the Toyosu market every morning, “Ushimatsu” also want to have the same style, so they order the finest meat directly from particular producers they have met across the country. In order to bring out the flavor of the meat, they would change the cutting method and thickness according to the meat quality and parts of the day. They thoroughly serve everything together with the seasoning of the homemade sauce.

The limited-quantity menu is "Shibari Tongue", a dish where green onion is wrapped with beef tongue and tied with green onion with a string. "Fillet Cutlet Sandwich", "Meat Garlic Fried Rice" and "Sirloin Beef Bowl" are also popular. About 40 kinds of wine are prepared, including 3-star champagne, and a sommelier would recommend wine that matches the taste of the customer and the dish. They also put a lot of effort into homemade lemon sour and original orange highball.

The first thing you see when you enter the restaurant is a splendid pine art object. Pine tree with different expressions are changed from season to season by bonsai artist. The interior has an elegant and calm atmosphere, based on black and grey, with an awareness of Japanese modern style. There are 4 tables, 3 booth seating and 5 private rooms (4 ~ 10 people). Enjoy the deliciousness of the finest meat carefully-selected by meat specialists, together with meat-loving friends, family, friends or colleagues.

* To our valued customers at Ushimatsu *

Customers can enjoy grilling the meat as the best part of yakiniku at Ushimatsu.

At the restaurant, you will grill the meat by yourself, but we will attend to you as much as possible to provide you with a space that will satisfy you.

Thank you for your understanding.

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A 11-minute walk from “Hiroo Station” (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)



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Omakase Course
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Ushimatsu [うし松]

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5:00pm - 11:30pm


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3-13-14, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Ushimatsu [うし松]