hotel de yoshino

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A one-star restaurant stay faithful to traditional French cuisine while giving full expression to the bounties of Wakayama’s mountains and sea

Situated a 15-minute drive from JR Wakayama Station and a 6-minute walk from the nearest Miyamae Station is a French restaurant that attracts guests not only from within Wakayama Prefecture but also from all over Japan. A one-star “hotel de yoshino” is located on the top floor of Wakayama Big Ai, a 12-story commercial complex run by public-private company associated with Wakayama Prefecture. There are no tall buildings nearby, so it stands out distinctly from its surroundings.

“hotel de yoshino” is a restaurant named after Tateru Yoshino, one of Japan’s leading chefs. Chef Yoshino opened “STELLA MARIS“ in Paris and was rewarded with a star in 2006. “hotel de yoshino” is one of the restaurants run by Chef Yoshino in Japan. Based on the concept of terroir (earth) cuisine, the restaurant elevates rich ingredients gathered from Wakayama and neighboring areas into traditional French cuisine. The chef here is Junya Teshima. He apprenticed under Chef Yoshino in “STELLA MARIS“ in Paris, and after returning to Japan in 2007, he worked as a chef at “Tateru Yoshino” in Shiba, Tokyo, and then was appointed as the executive chef at “hotel de yoshino” in Wakayama in September 2007.

The cuisine of “hotel de yoshino” features a classic style that is faithful the traditions of French cuisine. Wakayama is blessed with a diverse range of delicious bounties from the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, as well as its mountains, such as wild game caught locally. The specialty of Chef Teshima is Iwagaki oyster cuisine that can only be savored in Wakayama. Another superb dish is his game meat tart (wrapped in a pie crust) accompanied by an exquisite sauce made by reducing meat juices and red wine that reflects on the plate like a shiny mirror. Chef Teshima’s outstanding culinary skill attracts fans from all over Japan. The restaurant always cellars more than 300 fine wines from France and around the world. There is also a plentiful selection of local sake and craft beer. As for non-alcoholic selections, mandarin orange juice and herb teas native to Wakayama offer special appeal.

The restaurant is open and spacious with 35 tables and private rooms for parties of two to six guests. Works of modern art stand out in the bright white interior. The spacing between tables is ample and generous, with large windows overlooking the city of Wakayama. Dinner with a good vantage point for taking in the night scenery is also not to be missed. “hotel de yoshino” is perfect not only for dates and anniversary celebrations, but also for family gatherings and for entertaining overseas guests. Enjoy the essence of the ever-evolving classical French cuisine that not only represents Wakayama, but also Japan itself, here in Wakayama’s “hotel de yoshino”.

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A 6-minute walk from Miyamae Station (JR Kisei Main Line (Kinokuni line) (Shingu - Wakayama))
A 1-minute walk from Teheideshima Bus Stop, Wakayama Bus from Wakayamashi Station(Nankai Main Line) or 20-minute taxi from Wakayamashi Station




20,570 JPY / Guest
25,410 JPY / Guest
11,616 JPY / Guest



hotel de yoshino [ オテル・ド・ヨシノ (hotel de yoshino)]

Cuisine Type


Opening hours

Lunch: 11:30am - 2:00pm.(L.O.1:00pm) Dinner: 5:30pm - 9:00pm(L.O.7:00pm)


Monday, Tuesdays (Open if Monday is a holiday)


2-1-2, Tebira, Wakayama, Wakayama

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hotel de yoshino [ オテル・ド・ヨシノ (hotel de yoshino)]