Sushi Tsubomi

Produced by “Sushi Saito”, an Edomae-style sushi restaurant in Nakameguro that carries on the ingredients and nigiri sushi

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"Sushi Tsubomi" opened in June 2018, produced by Takashi Saito, the owner of the famous "Sushi Saito.".
Hoping that his disciples would be successful in this world, Saito brought out Sushi Tsubomi to be a place where young craftsmen, who were still buds, could find their dreams through hard training.

In August 2022, it was renewed as a new "Sushi Tsubomi" with "Tsubomi". "Sushi Saito" and fish are bought from the same combs, and the rice that is made from large grains of used rice is only red vinegar and salt. Saito's spirit is also reflected in the meticulous manner in which he cooks food according to the time customers arrive.
The young craftsmen who follow Mr. Saito's wishes come up with a new menu every month that makes use of his fresh sensibility, so that it will be a place where "buds" can bloom.

There is only an L-shaped counter made of Kiso hinoki cypress in the store. The space between seats is wide so that you can relax comfortably.
By all means, please enjoy the polite and beautiful behavior of young craftsmen behind the counter.

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A 8-minute walk from "Nakameguro Station" (Tokyu Toyoko Line)
A 8-minute walk from "Nakameguro Station" (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
A 13-minute walk from "Ikejiriohashi Station" (Den-en-toshi Line)



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Sushi Tsubomi [鮨 つぼみ]

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Opening hours

Lunch (Saturday, Sunday, holiday) 12: 00pm ~ Dinner 6:00pm ~ 8:30pm ~ Two time-slots




1-21-26, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Sushi Tsubomi [鮨 つぼみ]