Sushi Obana

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A famous restaurant in Tatebayashi that attracts sushi fans from all over Japan and fascinates them with the nigiri skills

In Tatebayashi City in the southeastern part of Gunma Prefecture, a 15-minute walk from Tatebayashi Station on the Tobu Railway, is the famous “Sushi Obana” that attracts sushi fans from all over Japan. The restaurant is located in Otemachi, Tatebayashi City, a quiet residential area that retains the atmosphere of a castle town near the ruins of Tatebayashi Castle, which was once a key point toward Tohoku. The nearby castle pond with a circumference of 5km is popular as a place to relax with the azaleas of the adjacent "Tsutsujigaoka Park" in spring and the lotus flowers in summer.

Chef Terukuni Obana is from Gunma Prefecture. Since his father was a sushi chef, he went on to become a sushi chef. After studying in Tokyo, he returned to his local area, Tatebayashi, to take over his father's position. Later, he changed the name to the present “Sushi Obana”. Chef Obana's ability to select ingredients and to make sushi are the most distinctive features of “Sushi Obana”. Chef Obana will travel from Tatebayashi, where the restaurant is located, to Toyosu Market in Tokyo to purchase the ingredients. Regardless of the production area, he purchases the best fish of the time from a long-term trusted broker, and he has a reputation for his good judgment.

One of the most popular ingredients is the rare nigiri "salmon roe" that can only be found during the spawning season. The rich salmon roe that is emphasized by each grain goes well with vinegared rice made with fragrant red vinegar. The "Shrimp bowl" is a luxurious dish made with fresh meat mixed with a rich homemade sauce made from the shell and the soup stock taken from the head. You will be able to enjoy the charm of the taste of shrimp. There are about 30 kinds of Japanese sake for drinks. The local sake from Tatebayashi and other Japanese sake that goes well with the sushi, are selected by the proprietress, who is a kikizake-shi (sake sommelier). They also have a wide variety of champagne, wine, shochu and beer.

The restaurant features 9 counter seats made of Japanese cypress from Kiso that accentuates chef Obana's hand-shaped sushi, a semi-private room with a table for 4 and a private tatami room for 6. The counter is for junior high school students and older, and private rooms and tables are available for guests with children. Enjoy sushi with your close friends to your heart's content at “Sushi Obana”, which is filled with Mr. Obana's desire to let all guests enjoy the deliciousness and enjoyment of sushi.

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A 10-minute walk from Tatebayashi Station (Tobu Isesaki Line)



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Sushi Obana [鮨おばな]




[Tue – Sat] 5:30pm - 10:30pm (Last Entry 8:00pm) [Sun・Public Holidays] First Round 12:00pm, Second Round 3:00pm ※ 2rounds on Sun・Public Holidays


Monday, Irregular Holidays


5-1, Ootemati, Tatebayashi, Gunma


Sushi Obana [鮨おばな]
Greater Tokyo Area