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A sushi restaurant in Akasaka from the lineage of Mitani in Yotsuya which shows off a new world of beverage pairings

A three-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Akasaka Station, sushi restaurant Kagami stands like a hideout in a quiet town. Chef Toshio Kagami is an artisan who has devoted his life to sushi. After training in Ginza, Tokyo, he opened a sushi restaurant in his hometown of Yamanashi, a place that became quite popular, even among customers from Tokyo. Later, he met the master of the sushi restaurant Mitani in Yotsuya, and worked as the vice manager of the sister restaurant Kioi-cho Mitani. He spent three years there, before striking out on his own, with the support of the Mitani. In September 2019, he opened Kagami.

At Kagami, seafood is purchased from reliable brokers and fishermen. High-quality Yamanashi rice brand Mukawamai is used, with a blend of three kinds of vinegar: red vinegar made from 15-year aged sake lees, mild black vinegar, and rice vinegar. The Kagami style is to hand over all the sushi with this thought: "Because I hold it with heart, I want to give it with heart".

Along with the omakase menu, a restaurant signature is the beverage pairing, which also pays homage to Mitani. Wine is mainly French, and for Champagne, the restaurant selects wine made by small producers. Seasonal sake is from all over Japan. Chef Kagami says that alcohol is essential to bring out the flavor of food: "Sake with food, sake like seasoning."

There are only six counter seats in the restaurant. From the design drawn by chef Kagami herself to the dignified air created by the craftsmanship of the shrine carpenters, the interior creates a comfortable space. Most of the dinnerware is inherited from Mitani and there are various old and new items such as Kyoyaki-ware. Visit for dinner or a date with family or friends, feel the heartwarming Kagami nigiri, taste it with your palate, and enjoy the alcohol.

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A 3-minute walk from Akasaka Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)




Omakase Course
30,000 JPY / Guest



Kagami [かがみ]

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6:00pm - 10:00pm


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2-16-6, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Kagami [かがみ]