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A unique sushi restaurant, in which a well-traveled chef serves dishes informed by his heritage and the abundant produce of Toyama

Toyama City is famous as a tourist spot. Taking advantage of the region's abundant natural resources, the sushi restaurant Gejo can be found in the town of Higashi-Iwase, about ten minutes by car from Toyama Station.

Not overtly Japanese from the outside, guests can feel the warmth of the interior as they enter the restaurant. It’s the first hint of the novel, fresh approach to the traditional sushi restaurant that chef Takahiro Gejo aims for, and his individualistic ideas are evident in his personal history. After training at local French restaurant Cave Yunoki and sushi restaurant Sushijin in Toyama, he went abroad, visiting France, Italy, Spain and mainland Europe, and worked as a private chef in Bulgaria. After returning to Japan, his full repertoire of skills were put on display at Gejo, which opened in January 2020.

"Deliver what you encounter in the world with its deliciousness", was the Gejo-style, which emphasises simplicity, working to enhance each ingredient’s inherent flavour. The restaurant sources its ingredients mostly from Toyama, except for wasabi from Azumino, Nagano, and caviar from Takachiho, Miyazaki. Guests are invited to enjoy the rare parts of tuna as it is purchased from an acquaintance of a pole-and-line fisherman.

Above all, Gejo’s true worth is his free ideas, which are unbound by style or genre. For example, from spring to early summer, he serves vinegared rice with red vinegar and grilled rosy seabass in fish broth in the style of classic French soup de poisson, and he also serves bear bone soup with shabu-shabu, leaving guests in anticipation of the following dishes, let alone the nigiri. 

The restaurant serves wine from Burgundy and Piedmont, and Domaine wines produced by Japanese makers. The main Japanese sake favoured and offered to guests is Masuizumi produced by Masuda Shuzo in Toyama Prefecture; dishes made with sake lees from Masuizumi are also available.

The tableware that frames and colors the cuisine are Etchu Seto-yaki ware, as well as many of the works of artists active in Toyama and Iwase, each full of the region’s charms. With only 8 coveted seats at the counter, Gejo is ideal for occasions with family, friends, colleagues and fellow gourmets, a unique slice of Toyama’s gastronomic offering.

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■ Access
A 10-minute walk from Higashi-Iwase Station (Toyama Light Rail)



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    Date of Visit: 8/2022
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    Date of Visit: 7/2022
    料理の出てくるタイミング、量、味全てにおいて最高でとても満足しました!また、彼も喜んでくれて忘れられない時間になりました。ありがとうございました! ぜひまた伺いたいとおもいます!
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Anniversary
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 12/2021
    以前から来たかったお店。 いわゆる江戸前鮨の枠にとらわれない「gejo流」の鮨、そして見た目も鮮やかな酒肴の品々は、極上のエンターテイメントでした。 幻の尾崎牛を仕入れることができるのも、ご主人の料理に対する情熱、人柄を象徴している。 近いうちに必ず再訪する。
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GEJO [GEJO(げじょう)]

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Lunch:12:00pm - 3:00pm(L.O.1:00pm)  Dinner:6:00pm - 11:00pm(L.O.10:00pm)


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180, Higashiiwase cho, Toyama, Toyama

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GEJO [GEJO(げじょう)]