Ryotei Kawabun

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With 400 years of heritage and traditions in Nagoya, diners are invited to enjoy classical Japanese kaiseki cuisine in a prestigious setting — the essence of the four seasons

Located in Sakae, the center of Nagoya, Ryotei Kawabun is renowned for its 400-year history. A five-minute walk from Marunouchi Subway Station, guests will initially be overwhelmed by the majestic sukiya-zukuri-style gate. The aoi-mon (mallow pattern) noren hanging at the entrance also gives a sense of the store's status and history.

Ryotei Kawabumi was opened around the time of the construction of Nagoya-jo Castle in the Edo period. At first, it was founded as a fishmonger, and later, its connoisseurs were recognized by the Owari-Tokugawa family, and it has continued its history as a restaurant to this day.

After the Meiji period, visiting dignitaries from Japan and abroad (including former prime ministers such as Hirobumi Ito and Shigeru Yoshida and former French President François Mitterrand) would frequent the restaurant. Recently, in November 2019, Ryotei Kawabun was chosen as the venue by Foreign Minister Motegi for the dinner of foreign ministers from the G20 Summit, serving Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients from across the country, starting with Aichi Prefecture.

The main sections of the current building have been recognized as Registered Tangible Properties. The courtyard and Mizukagami no Ma were designed by Taniguchi Yoshiro, a leading Japanese architect in the Showa period, who also designed the Togu Palace and the Imperial Theater. It has been beloved until today as a guesthouse with deep history and tradition.

The restaurant serves seasonal kaiseki dishes crafted from regional ingredients mainly from local producers; a particularly lauded specialty is abalone steamed with salt. The menu has been around since the Edo period, and cooking methods have been passed down orally for generations in Kawabun. In addition, there is a new breed of trout called Kinuhime salmon, which is produced in the northern part of Aichi Prefecture through selective breeding, and other local ingredients which are not widely known yet are actively prepared for guests here.

Drinks offered include wine and sake, with about 30 varieties of white and red wine from Kenzo Estate in the United States, or from the Hirakawa winery in Hokkaido; likewise, guests can choose between 15-20 kinds of sake, of which more than 5 kinds of local sake hail from Aichi Prefecture. This is the only venue in the Tokai region where rare items from breweries such as Asahio Shuzo are available.

The restaurant has 11 counter seats and 7 private rooms, each accommodating 2-30 guests. During the daytime on weekdays, a tearoom (cafe) service is also offered. In addition to couples who enjoy the atmosphere for dates, many guests also choose to visit with their families and children to commemorate important milestones, from wedding anniversaries and shrine visits to memorial services. Service is also available in English, Chinese and Korean for overseas guests, and all the menus are explained verbally.

Seasonal decorations are also popular. For example, there are a variety of luck charms held at the end and beginning of the year, the largest Mochihana in Japan, the Doll's Festival, and Boy's Festival, which have been handed down from generation to generation.

Experience the history and traditions of Ryotei Kawabun, and savor the nuances of the four seasons.

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A 5-minute walk from the 4th or 2nd exit of Marunouchi Station on the Nagoya City Subway Tsurumai Line or Marunouchi Station on the Nagoya City Subway Sakuradori Line
※There is no private parking lot, so please use public transportation or the parking lot nearby.



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    来店日: 5/2021
    コロナ禍でも安心して会食する事ができました。 対策もしっかりされていましたし、何より料理が大変美味しく大満足です。 料理を出すタイミングや、細やかな心遣いが有難く、二人でゆっくりと過ごす事が出来ました。 また利用させていただきたいと思います。
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    来店日: 4/2021
    感染症対策はもちろんですが、隅々まで気配りが行き届いている。 若女将さんにお会いできなかったのが残念でした。
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Ryotei Kawabun [料亭河文(かわぶん)]


Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku


Lunch:11:30am - 2:00pm (L.I.)        Dinner:5:30pm - 7:00pm (L.I.)


Sunday, In case of a 3-day holiday, Monday will be closed, and Sunday will be opened.


2丁目12-19, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi


Ryotei Kawabun [料亭河文(かわぶん)]
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