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A sushi restaurant popular among connoisseurs for its exquisite seafood as well as the chef’s skillful culinary performances

A seven-minute walk from Kamata Station in Ota, Tokyo transports diners to Hatsunezushi, a long-established sushi restaurant opened in 1893. It is currently helmed by the fourth generation of the founding family, Chef Katsu Nakaji, who inherited the restaurant after training in Kyoto cuisine and other restaurants for 10 years. His exclusive sushi makes Kamata a hot spot for food connoisseurs.

The meal starts with lively introductions by the chef. Regulars have been known to take their seats early to enjoy watching him making sushi rice with vinegar and hot rice straight from the pot cooked over charcoal to prepare for the opening act.

The sushi is served in the order that the chef determines to be best, taking into account the temperature of the sushi rice that cools over time to ensure the best harmony between the sushi rice and toppings. The seafood is sourced from a trusted broker who has delivered the best-quality fish and seafood to the restaurant over the past 30 years.

The long-standing trust between chef and broker allows the restaurant to offer sushi made with rare and precious seafood, such as wild giant mottled eel and giant abalone. Seasonal specialties are offered, such as sushi topped with soft cod roe and the highest-quality white truffle from Italy (available only in November and December); another popular dish is sushi made with both male and female snow crabs. Guests can also watch the process of live crabs being prepared and then steamed and made into sushi.

Hatsunezushi also offers a food and drink pairing menu consisting of seven offerings selected according to the seafood served on the day, mainly featuring a seasonal selection of sake but also including red and white wines. The tea pairing menu is curated in collaboration with a tea roasting master, and includes Yame Gyokuro green tea from Fukuoka as well as Chinese and black teas.

The dining space consists of two elegant rooms, each with eight seats. The room “Yama” for dining service features marble, and the room “Umi” for tea service boasts blue stained-glass windows inspired by the ocean. Sushi is served on antique plates dating to the late Edo period in the 19th century, such as Old Imari and Old Kutani ware, as well as handmade pieces by Tomomi Kamoshita, a ceramic artist and a friend of the chef for twenty years.

Whether enjoyed with a partner, business clients, or a special solo meal, guests are cordially invited to enjoy exquisite Edomae sushi and a lively performance in the presence of a friendly master chef.

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A 7-minute walk from Keikyu Kamata Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and Keikyu Main Line






Hatsunezushi [ 初音鮨 (はつねずし) ]

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Opening hours

Part I: 15: 00 ~ (Saturday 13: 00) Part II: 17: 00 ~ (Saturday 15: 00) Part III: 19: 00 ~ (Saturday 17: 00)


Wednesday, Closed on Thursdays, Sundays, national holidays, and market holidays


5-20-2, Nisikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo


Hatsunezushi [ 初音鮨 (はつねずし) ]
Shinagawa/Keikyu wayside