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Enjoy the perfect harmony of innovative Korean fare and Japanese yakiniku, featuring carefully selected Wagyu beef, at a secluded restaurant in Akasaka

A 3-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station in Tokyo transports guests to Yakiniku Oboshimeshi, hidden in a narrow alley off the restaurant-lined Akasaka Misuji-dori street.

The restaurant’s yakiniku dishes are prepared by restaurant manager Tomoaki Yanagino, who gained renown while working at a renowned yakiniku restaurant in Asagaya. In June 2020, he opened his own restaurant, Yakiniku Oboshimeshi, which rapidly gained popularity for a prix-fixe menu that combined Japanese yakiniku and innovative Korean dishes.

Basing its approach on the philosophy of creating a memorable mealtime for guests, Yakiniku Oboshimeshi offers carefully selected premium beef. All yakiniku items are expertly grilled on a yakiniku roaster at the table by experienced staff, unlike other yakiniku restaurants. In addition to the grilled beef, the restaurant’s innovative Korean-inspired dishes made using seasonal ingredients and various cooking techniques have also won over a legion of fans.

Yakiniku Oboshimeshi features beef raised on antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed, plus steamed feed, to produce delicious, flavorful fat, such as Sawai Hime Wagyu Beef from Shiga, Masuda Beef from Gunma, and Nozaki Beef from Kagoshima. Entrees focus on dishes that highlight beef filet, among which the Châteaubriand, Beef Filet Cutlet Sandwich, and Filet Sukiyaki are especially popular.

The wine list offers over 100 reds, 40 whites, and 30 champagnes, including a variety of rare and vintage wines, all of which can be perfectly paired to premium Wagyu beef.

This house-style restaurant features a dining room with a 10-seat counter on the first floor, three private rooms on the second floor, and a 50 square meter VIP room on the third floor. A stylish interior design upon a backdrop of gray shades creates a reassuring sense of solidity, which is further emphasized by a mortar countertop. The rooms are furnished with antique furniture from the Li and Goryeo Dynasties, as well as chairs crafted by upscale Italian furniture maker Cassina, to create a luxurious atmosphere with modern Korean vibes that match the dishes offered at the restaurant.

Guests are invited to enjoy an innovative prix-fixe yakiniku menu and to create unforgettable memories through the incredible food experience offered at Yakiniku Oboshimeshi, a perfect place to celebrate an anniversary and dine with a partner, friends, or business clients.

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A 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Akasaka-mitsuke station




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Oboshimeshi [焼肉思食(おぼしめし)]

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3-19-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Oboshimeshi [焼肉思食(おぼしめし)]