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A one-star restaurant opened in Ebisu by a chef that offers vintage wines and traditional French cuisine

A 7-minute walk from Hiroo Station brings guests to au deco, located in a residential area across Meiji Street in Ebisu. The restaurant is a one-star establishment helmed by chef Satoshi Kakegawa, who runs several popular restaurants, in collaboration with his classmate from junior high school, the sommelier Masumi Shiranita, offering classic French cuisine and fine wines.

Chef Kakegawa trained at renowned restaurants such as Auberge Au Mirador in Hakone and Les Crèations de Narisawa (presently known as NARISAWA) in Aoyama, and worked as a chef at Daylesford Organic Aoyama, before opening his own restaurant. He opened the bistro Ata in Daikanyama in 2013, Good Luck Curry in Ebisu in 2017, and Varmen in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in 2018. With proven culinary skills and visionary leadership, each quickly gained popularity and found success.

Gathering momentum, he opened au deco in March 2019 to provide traditional, classic French cuisine. Kakegawa states that he was concerned that “traditional French cuisine would be lost if we did nothing.” He enlisted help from his friend who was working as a sommelier to continue promoting the excellence of French cuisine by offering classic dishes and vintage wines.

Their like-mindedness is also reflected in the restaurant’s name “au deco,” which is derived from the fact that they both have a broad forehead (“odeko” in Japanese). The name is also derived from the word “décoration”, as in, to “offer restaurant meals as decorations that enrich the diners’ minds.”

The classic menu favors simplicity, but dishes are playfully twisted by chef Kakegawa: The signature dish is a snow crab butter and scrambled egg in baked pie wrap that offers a version of scrambled eggs inspired by his mother’s recipe. It’s a luxurious dish filled with plenty of crab meat to allow guests to enjoy the flavor of the crab to their heart’s content without the effort of having to open the shell.

The Bourgogne-leaning wine list offers a selection of vintage wines dating to the 1970s to 1980s, and a selection of precious wines to impress connoisseurs. Guests can sip and savor sommelier Shiranita’s selection of vintage wines served in elegant Lobmeyr wine glasses. Meanwhile, the restaurant provides a relaxing ambience with Mozart’s chamber music playing in the background.

Guests are invited to enjoy a special evening with delicious French cuisine and wine with family, a partner, or friends at au deco.

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A 7-minutes on foot from Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line




[12/22 ~ 12/25] Christmas Special Course
20,350 円 / 人
Omakase Course
14,850 円 / 人
Omakase Course
14,850 円 / 人



au deco [au deco(オデコ)]








2-23-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



au deco [au deco(オデコ)]