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A one-star wood-fired grill restaurant: Enjoy a relaxing time at a modern Kyomachiya townhouse in Kyoto

LURRA° is a restaurant renovated from an over 130-year old atmospheric Kyomachiya townhouse in Sanjo, at the heart of the international city of Kyoto, with quiet historic streets and waterways running through them. A one-minute walk from Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line (subway), the restaurant is set near a branch of the Biwa Lake Canal (Okazaki Canal) that runs slowly.

LURRA° is run by three people: Chef Jacob Kear, General Manager and Co-owner Takumi Miyashita, and Sommelier Yusuke Sakabe. They met each other while training at a restaurant in New Zealand and discussed a plan to open their own restaurant. When the time came to put the plan into action, they chose to locate their restaurant in Kyoto for its cultural and historical heritage representing the identity of Japan. Opening in 2019, LURRA° won one star the following year.
The dishes cooked with two kinds of firewood, instead of gas, are simple and easy but highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. The seasonal ingredients, most of which are Kyoto vegetables such as bamboo shoots, are flavored with cured meat, pickles, and homemade fermented seasonings, reflecting the Nordic culinary techniques and traditions Chef Jacob learned while he was training at NOMA in Denmark.
The prix fixe (fixed price) meals are paired with drinks, either alcoholic or nonalcoholic, which are interchangeable between courses, depending on the preference and physical condition of the guest. In addition to these pairing options, the drink menu offers a selection of French and Italian wines by the bottle as well as various types of Japanese sake.

The interior features plenty of wood accents to reflect the long history of its original Kyomachiya townhouse. The kitchen is surrounded by a counter with 12 seats, and the wood fire blazing as a symbol of LURRA° can be seen from anywhere in the restaurant. This is a destination for many visitors to Kyoto. Children can dine at the restaurant if it is fully booked (for a group of eight people or more). All staff members can speak English and explain the menu in French as well.
Behind the entrance door is a large oval table named “irori.” This is shared by all guests who visit the restaurant on that day to enjoy a dessert together. The warmth of this setting is what LURRA° pursues. This atmosphere and the dishes offered at LURRA° alone make Kyoto worth visiting.

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A 1-minute walk from Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line




Course with drink pairing
30,250 JPY / Guest



LURRA˚ [LURRA˚(ルーラ)]

Cuisine Type

Other Western cuisine

Opening hours



Sunday, Monday


396, Sekisenin-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

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LURRA˚ [LURRA˚(ルーラ)]