Kamakura Kitajima

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A Japanese restaurant that offers rustic dishes woven with the stories of the ingredients along with spectacular views of greenery

A 15-minute walk from Kamakura Station takes you to the Japanese restaurant Kamakura Kitajima near Ankokuronji Temple. Nestled at the foot of mountains with lush greenery and twittering birds, this townhouse restaurant is helmed by Chef Yasunori Kitajima.

He started his culinary career with training at several locations of WAKUDEN in Kyoto and became Chef at tan, a restaurant affiliated with WAKUDEN. Then, in May 2021, he opened Kamakura Kitajima, named after his family name, in his hometown of Kamakura.
The concept of the restaurant is to “weave.” It is a tapestry for the chef to “translate what he learned in Kyoto for years into his own unique cuisine in a different location with different ingredients” as he says. The fish is caught by fishermen risking their lives, carefully processed, and delivered to the restaurant. The meat and vegetables are also grown in a time- and labor-intensive process. Moreover, the building and tableware are imbued with the souls of their creators. All these elaborate works are inherited and woven into a flavorful dish, together with the thoughts of their creators, by Chef Kitajima so that their stories will be completed when the dish is savored on the tongue.
The fish and shellfish are sourced from a local market in Sagami Bay or a neighboring market in Suruga Bay (in Shizuoka). The vegetables are selected so that only pesticide- and fertilizer-free, healthy vegetables will be delivered. These ingredients are transformed into dishes based on the rustic and cultural cuisine the chef learned in Kyoto. Particular attention is paid to ensure that the seasonal ingredients are delivered in their best condition. In order to highlight their seasonal flavors, the stock is elaborately made with three kinds of ingredients, smoked dried bonito, fermented dried bonito, and dried tuna, which are shaved into 0.01 mm-thick flakes, with a good balance of flavors, just before they are boiled in alkalescent soft water.

The exterior of the restaurant is chic and blends in with the surrounding greenery. The interior is also natural with earthen walls and natural wood accents. The dining space is cozy with a counter seating up to eight guests, and the kitchen is well stocked with vintage and modern tableware, including early Imari ware and antique blue and white china as well as works of Rosanjin Kitaoji, who had a kiln built in Kita-Kamakura, where he played around as a child.
Located in the historic city of Kamakura, Kamakura Kitajima is worth visiting to enjoy the rustic dishes crafted by Chef Kitajima and the stories behind them with your family, partner, or friends to share the pleasure and joy of dining.

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Take a bus from JR Kamakura Station, get off at 'Nagoe' and walk for 3 minutes



  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 2/2022
    お料理の味付け,盛り付け,器の美しさ. さらに店主氏をはじめみなさんの心遣いが細やかで,非の打ち所がなかったです. ぜひまたおうかがいさせていただきます!
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family
  • 40's

    Date of Visit: 2/2022
    Number of visits: 2+Purpose: With family
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 10/2021
    華美な食材は使用せず、地のものを使って上手にお料理されていたのが好印象でした。 とても美味しく頂戴しました。ありがとうございました。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family



30,200 JPY / Guest



Kamakura Kitajima [鎌倉北じま]

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Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

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4-3-18, Oomati, Kamakura, Kanagawa

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