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19,360 JPY 〜
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A restaurant in Nagano that offers dishes to shed light on unacknowledged things and celebrate the bounty of nature

A two-hour express train ride from Shinjuku takes you to Mumyo, located close to JR Chino Station in Nagano Prefecture. The dishes made with devotion by Chef Masafumi Karaki to bring out the bounty of nature in Nagano attract throngs of food lovers from inside and outside the prefecture.

Chef Karaki, who trained at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Mejiro, opened his own restaurant, Washoku Karaki, at the current location in 2008. Then, he renamed it to Mumyo (which means “unsung” in Japanese) in 2021 to reflect his determination to go beyond the category of Japanese cuisine and explore the flavors of Nagano. “Nothing is named at its beginning,” he says. “I want to shed light on unacknowledged things rather than acknowledged things.” As indicated by these words, he uses no renowned ingredients but turns common local ingredients into exquisite dishes that celebrate the nature and culture of Nagano.
Chef Karaki goes to get famed natural water called “Obsidian Water” early every morning. He sometimes picks up edible wild plants and mushrooms in the mountains as well and visits local producers when time permits. He literally runs about to get ingredients, as implied by the Japanese word “gochiso” (which means “rushing about to get ingredients and prepare delicious dishes for guests”). The dishes built around the concept of water, seasonality, wind, and soil are simple and natural with flavors reminiscent of the landscape of satoyama (mountain villages). Like the dishes made from ingredients delivered by hunters and farmers with whom the chef has forged relationships, the “White Rice” offered as the last course highlights the appealing features of the restaurant. The carefully selected, locally grown rice is milled at the restaurant every morning and cooked in an earthen pot. First, the rice should be tasted as it is. Then, explore different flavors by pairing it with wasabi from Azumino or egg or ham produced at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains.
The wine list offers some 200 labels of wines selected by the chef based on his extensive knowledge about wine, mostly from Nagano but also from other parts of Japan as well as France and Australia. The same list also includes a wide range of carefully selected Japanese sake, mainly from local breweries. In particular, food and drink pairings curated by the chef are strongly recommended. The soft drink menu features natural ingredients, including alcohol-free gin and tonic made with locally grown and brewed organic roses and organic Chinese teas.

Renovated from a traditional Japanese restaurant into a Japanese house-style restaurant, Mumyo has six seats at the counter and boasts a wide collection of tableware, ranging from antiques to ceramics crafted by artists with whom the chef has developed relationships. Despite its name, the restaurant is famous among food lovers. Please enjoy the dishes prepared by Chef Karaki taking inspiration from the nature and culture of Nagano at Mumyo with your family, partner, or friends with whom you can share the pleasure of dining together.
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A 2-minute walk from the east exit of JR Chino Station



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    Date of Visit: 3/2022
    地産地消の素材で味を上手く引き立てて、暖かい物は器まで温めてありそれぞれに合うお酒にも〆のご飯も今までに無い食べ方で全てにおいて感動しました。お話しも色々と出来たしお店の情報も頂きまた、違う季節にお伺い致します。 本日は、美味しい料理に楽しい一時をありがとうございました。
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Mumyo [無名 むみょう]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Dinner: 18: 30 Start at Once Lunch: 12: 00 Start at Once


Monday, Tuesday


5-4, Nakamachi, Chino, Nagano

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Mumyo [無名 むみょう]
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