Yakitori Shinohara

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A yakitori kaiseki restaurant in Nishiazabu that offers a menu of all sorts of cuts of rare Takasaka Chicken

Located on Seijoki Street lined with renowned restaurants in Nishiazabu, Yakitori Shinohara is a yakitori kaiseki (grilled chicken banquet) restaurant featuring Takasaka Chicken (extremely rare pathogen-free chicken). This restaurant was opened in January 2021 by Owner-Chef Adore Shinohara, who had trained at famous yakitori and Japanese restaurants, and soon gained popularity among food lovers looking for the best grilled chicken.

Takasaka Chicken is the only chicken in the world that is completely free from pathogens, bred by Hideki Takasaka, called a genius poulterer,through exclusive research in Tamba, Hyogo. Because it is pathogen-free, it is safe to eat it raw after it has aged for one month. Its thick, tender, and creamy meat is sometimes likened to fatty tuna. Because it is sold only to trustworthy chefs, it is rarely available. However, Yakitori Shinohara uses only Kobe Takasaka Chicken, which is more premium than Takasaka Chicken and offers a prix fixe (fixed price) menu of all kinds of cuts of Kobe Takasaka Chicken prepared in all sorts of ways, including raw and grilled liver, thigh, breast, and neck. This will take you on an adventure of flavors you have never experienced before. Chef Shinohara uses only ingredients he selects by himself by visiting producers. He always goes to make direct agreements with producers. He sometimes goes to Hokkaido for cheese and other times goes to Kajiya Farm in Hiroshima for herbs. Not only ingredients but also tableware and other items are selected in the same way.
The wine list features a selection of natural wines, mainly from Burgundy and Italy but also from California, as well as vintage wines. The marriage of premium chicken and wine is definitely worth trying.

Inside the restaurant furnished with warm wood accents, the copper range hood handcrafted by a copper artisan shines brightly over the grill. The main dining room is furnished with an 11-seat counter made of 2000-year-old hinoki cypress wood. In addition, there is a private room seating up to four people. The restaurant also boasts a collection of beautiful tableware, including Karatsu ware by Taki Nakazato of Ryutagama Kiln and ceramics by Shiro Tsujimura.
The restaurant is suitable for different occasions, such as dates, business dinners, and anniversary celebrations. Please enjoy the premium chicken in a sophisticated setting at Yakitori Shinohara.

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A 5-minutes from Tokyo Metro, Toei Oedo Line Roppongi Station Exit 2, Tokyo Metro Nogizaka Station Exit 5



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    Date of Visit: 9/2022
    とても丁寧に調理されていました 希少部位のとり肉に舌鼓を打ちました
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    Date of Visit: 3/2022
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Anniversary
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    Date of Visit: 12/2021
    初めて利用させていただきましたが、大変おいしく満足いたしました。 たまたまついた席が実際の串を焼いている場所も見える位置で、 見ていると楽しくてついつい次の事を考えながらお酒がすすんでしまいました。 料理のテンポもよく、シャンパンやワインも好みのモノが見つかりおいしかったです。 追加の串も少しいただきましたが締めやデザートまで含めてお腹いっぱいで、大変満足いたしました。 また機会があればお願いいたします。
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Omakase Course
15,620 JPY / Guest
Omakase Course
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Yakitori Shinohara [焼鳥篠原]

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Dinner: Part 17: 30 ~, Part 2: 20: 30 ~


Tuesday, If Tuesday is a national holiday, we are open and closed on the following Wednesday.


1F, shino building, 1-4-40, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Yakitori Shinohara [焼鳥篠原]