Sushi Kozue

24,000 JPY 〜
/ Guest

A theatrical sushi restaurant in Takanawa that shows off a spirited nigiri performance under a spotlight

品川駅へのアクセスも程よい高輪台駅から徒歩5分のところに店を構えるのが『鮨 梢(こずえ)』。「鮨は大人のエンターテイメント」だという親方の梢 ひろし(こずえ ひろし)氏が、つけ場をステージとし、渾身の握りパフォーマンスを見せる劇場型の鮨店だ。

梢氏は、『赤坂 菊乃井』をはじめ都内の名だたる日本料理店や鮨店などで修業を重ね、北九州にある実家の鮨店で腕を磨いた後、独立。2021年10月に『鮨 梢』を開店した。

レンガ造りのビルの入り口から店内に入ると、そこは異空間。黒で統一されたインテリアに宙に浮かぶ木曽ヒノキ一枚板のフロートカウンター(7席)。そこにスポットライトを浴びた梢氏が登場し、カウンター前のお客様にパフォーマンスを見せ料理を提供する。まさに劇場型の『鮨 梢』を家族や友人、同僚やカップルなどと訪れ、梢氏のつまみから握りまでのパフォーマンスに酔いしれていただきたい。 Sushi Kozue is a 5-minute walk from Takanawadai Station, which is within easy reach of Shinagawa Station. This is a theatrical type of sushi restaurant where the master chef, Hiroshi Kozue, uses the counter as a stage to show his spirited and powerful nigiri performance, saying, "Sushi is entertainment for grown ups".

Kozue trained at many famous Japanese and sushi restaurants in Tokyo, including Kikunoi in Akasaka, and also honed his skills at his family's sushi restaurant in Kitakyushu before going independent. He opened Sushi Kozue in October 2021.
The course consists of five to seven side dishes followed by 15 to 16 pieces of nigiri. The vinegared rice is prepared in small portions with the wish that diners enjoy many pieces of nigiri. Light colored red vinegar is used with rice produced in Ishikawa Prefecture. The style of sushi is not limited to Edomae, such as fugu (blowfish) nigiri, but also includes preparations based on his experience in Kitakyushu. Chef Kozue visits the Toyosu Market every day to pick out the seafood. The tuna is sourced from the popular Yamayuki wholesaler. In addition, the side dishes which reflect his experience in Japanese cuisine are highly regarded.
The sake list has offerings from all over Japan, including some from western Japan such as "Taka" from Yamaguchi and "Hoken" from Hiroshima. There are always about 50 bottles of wine in the cellar, mainly from Burgundy and Champagne, regions that are the favorites of Chef Kozue.

You step into a different world when you enter the brick building. The interior is decorated in black with a counter (7 seats) made of a single piece of Kiso cypress floating in midair. Chef Kozue emerges there in the spotlight, theatrically serving the customers in front of the counter. Bring your family, friends, co-workers, or couples to the theatrical Sushi Kozue and enjoy Chef Kozue's performance in everything from nibbles to nigiri.

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A 5-minutes walk from A1 exit of Takanawadai Station, Toei Asakusa Line



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    Date of Visit: 12/2021
    接客 味 店のセンス 大満足しました。 またお伺いしたいです。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family



Omakase Course
24,000 JPY / Guest



Sushi Kozue [鮨 梢(こずえ)]

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Wednesday, Sunday


1F, Blair House, 3-6-12, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Sushi Kozue [鮨 梢(こずえ)]
Shinagawa/Keikyu wayside