Treat your taste buds with the flavors of tradition and modernity inherited from a renowned sushi restaurant in Kitashinchi, Osaka, with a one-year-long waiting list

In Kitashinchi, the most popular entertainment district in Osaka filled with renowned restaurants, a small paper lantern that reads “Yoshihiko” is lit up on the fourth floor of a building on Dojimanaka-dori Street.
Sushi lovers may feel familiar with this building because it is home to Sushi Ohata, a popular sushi restaurant which is said to have a one-year-long waiting list. To tell the truth, Yoshihiko is a sister restaurant to Sushi Ohata.
Hailing from Osaka, Chef Yoshihiko Kimoto trained in Japanese cuisine in his home region of Kansai as well as Tokyo and further honed his culinary skills by making delicacies at Sushi Ohata before he opened his own restaurant in 2021.

Yoshihiko only offers a chef-selected prix-fixe (fixed-priced) menu which changes every month. The fish and shellfish are mainly sourced from Toyosu Market but sometimes also from Akashi. Yoshihiko is supplied with the same high-quality fish and shellfish as Sushi Ohata because they share the same suppliers. One unique difference is that Yoshihiko offers Western sweets after a dessert course of fruits. The simple yet tasty tiramisu and custard pudding made by Chef Kimoto go well with Japanese dishes. They are also popular among sake lovers.

The restaurant’s name, Yoshihiko, is not only taken from the owner’s name but also reflects his ambition to preserve the traditions of long-cherished, historical Japanese dishes that deserve to be remembered as classics. These nostalgic dishes are reinterpreted in a unique, innovative way. The perfect balance between the tradition and modernity is the true value of Chef Kimoto’s dishes.
Inside the restaurant, there is a counter with seven seats in the dimly lit, quiet, and laid-back dining room with warm wood accents. It is filled with guests who celebrate anniversaries with their friends as well as those who enjoy their own company. Please enjoy a precious time with delicious food, friendly conversation, and tranquil surroundings at Yoshihiko.

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10 minutes walk from JR Kitashinchi Station. 10 minutes walk from Yodoyabashi Station on the Midosuji Subway Line






Yoshihiko [よし比古(よしひこ) ]


Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku




Wednesday, Thursday


1-4-8, Douzima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka


Yoshihiko [よし比古(よしひこ) ]