Akasaka Sushi Shino

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Enjoy delightful moments at an authentic Edomae sushi restaurant in Akasaka

A three-minute walk from Tameike-Sanno subway station, Akasaka Sushi Shino is nicely secluded on the third floor of a building off Roppongi Street. It is a cozy restaurant helmed by Chef Koichi Shinohara, who changed his career path and entered the culinary field at the age of 23. Shortly after beginning an apprenticeship with a renowned sushi restaurant in Tokyo, he distinguished himself and opened his own restaurant, Akasaka Sushi Shino, in October 2022.

Based on his belief that “Our guests deserve not only delicious food but also delightful dining experiences,” Chef Shinohara offers a prix fixe meal consisting of 21 pieces in total (eight delicacies and 12 pieces of sushi). He goes to Toyosu Market every morning to personally select the finest ingredients. The bluefin tuna is sourced from a partner broker with whom the chef has a long relationship. The sushi rice is made of aged Nanatsuboshi rice from Hokkaido. Drier and less sticky, this aged rice is cooked until it will fall apart in the mouth in a way the chef deems perfect and seasoned with a blend of three varieties of red vinegar from Yokoi’s Vinegar. The wasabi directly sourced from Utougi, Shizuoka, which is known as the birthplace of wasabi cultivation, is characterized by its sharp pungency and full sweetness.

The summer menu puts the spotlight on gizzard shad, a typical Edomae sushi fish, carefully selected for size and fattiness and pickled to add a refreshing flavor, while a signature dish for the winter months features horsehair crab (or Kobako snow crab in November), whose meat is removed from the shell, mixed with crab innards, topped with gelée made from crab vinegar, and placed back into the shell. The tsume sauce, which is the essence of Edomae sushi, is also made in a unique way, using clam stock to add a discrete touch of sweetness.

The restaurant holds nine regular varieties of Japanese sake, including Kokuryu from Fukui, Hiroki from Fukushima, Zaku from Mie, and Hidakami from Miyagi, as well as five seasonal options. In addition, the wine cellar contains five varieties of champagne, including Deutz, Bollinger, and sparkling wines, as well as red and white wines, including asatsuyu, rindo, ai, and murasaki from KENZO ESTATE in California.

The sukiya-style dining room is cozy with a hinoki cypress counter (seating up to eight guests) and Juraku walls. The plates for serving sushi are made of Shino ware from Gifu, selected for its unique colors as well as its name, which is reminiscent of the restaurant’s name. Please enjoy a special time at Akasaka Sushi Shino, which provides a delicious and delightful dining experience in a relaxing setting.



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    Date of Visit: 5/2023
    We had a fantastic experience at Akasaka Sushi Shino. The food, the atmosphere, the company was all fantastic. The chef made us feel very welcome and his talents are brilliant. Would thoroughly recommend.
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    Date of Visit: 4/2023
    The food was beautiful and the service first class. An amazing experience.
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22,000 JPY / Guest



Akasaka Sushi Shino [鮨しの]

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2-18-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Akasaka Sushi Shino [鮨しの]