Nagatacho Sushi Kanesaka

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From sushi technique to flower arrangement, a sushi restaurant in Nagatacho that offers hospitality to guests by pursuing the spirit of “Cherish the harmony among people.”

Tokyo’s Nagatacho district is the center of Japanese politics, lined with such government buildings as the House of Representatives Office and the Official Residence of the Prime Minister. Nagatacho Sushi Kanesaka opened in July 2022 in an elegant house in a prestigious townscape. Owner-chef Toru Osumi served sushi to VIP guests at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008 and was instrumental in elevating the Kanesaka Group’s Macau restaurant into a star-winning hotspot.

Chef Osumi, who carries on the tradition of Edomae sushi, embodies the philosophy of “changing the taste without changing the form,” or developing new ideas based on studying the past. He carefully scrutinizes and sources the best ingredients every morning at the Toyosu Market to perfect the Osumi style of Edomae. The “omakase” chef’s choice course features of six side dishes and 10 pieces of nigiri. A futomaki roll was added in response to guests’ requests, followed by egg, soup, and dessert to finish the course.

Chef Okuma says, “Above all, I am particular about rice.” He uses the Yukiwakamaru variety from Kurosawa Farm in Yamagata Prefecture. After participating in rice harvesting and seeing the exhausting attention to soil and moisture content, he chose the Yukiwakamaru variety, which is less sticky and sweeter, and matches well with the restaurant’s cuisine. The vinegar for the sushi rice is a blend of five types (4 white and 1 red) from Yokoi Vinegar Brewing. The blend is not changed throughout, but the optimum temperature is sought according to the sushi topping to be served.

Abalone risotto, in which abalone is added to sushi rice and dressed with an abalone liver sauce, is a signature dish. Nigiri of orient clams, simmered at a low temperature to make them tender and bursting with umami, are also popular. Another favorite is conger eel served in the traditional style of steaming in bamboo leaves. Ten labels of sake are always in stock including seasonal offerings. Champagne as well as red and white wines are available by the bottle.

The chic and modern interior was designed by an architect who also created Kanesaka’s Macau branch. Inside the restaurant, Chef Osumi, who holds a master’s license in ikebana (the art of flower arrangement),arranges flowers for the restaurant himself, evoking the changing of the seasons. Chef Osumi says, “I have heard that ikebana dates back to the time of Prince Shotoku (574-622). In Article 1 of Japan’s first constitution, Prince Shotoku stated that the spirit of harmony is to ‘Cherish the harmony among people’ and to live and let live. I started ikebana because I felt that shares something the world of sushi.”

The sushi serving plates were crafted made by a Mishima ware artist with whom he has close ties. The restaurant’s teacups were made by the 9th Hanshichi Shirai of Imado ware. There are antiques such as early Imari ware, antique Baccarat glasses and French spoons, and other carefully selected items both charming and quaint, from tableware to cutlery. The first floor has a counter with eight seats. On the second floor, an eight-seat, L-shaped counter can be reserved for private functions. We welcome you to enjoy the restaurant in various scenes with family, friends, business colleagues, or as a couple and savor Chef Osumi’s specialties in this unforgettable setting.
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2 minutes on foot from Exit 5 of Kokkai-gijidomae Station
2 minutes walk from Tameike-Sanno Station (Exit 5)



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18,150 円 / 人
30,250 円 / 人



Nagatacho Sushi Kanesaka [ 永田町・鮨かねさか]








2-7-9, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Nagatacho Sushi Kanesaka [ 永田町・鮨かねさか]