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Japanese restaurant in Higashi-Azabu that takes time and effort to bring out the best of the ingredients in the spirit of single-minded dedication with one’s whole heart

The Japanese cuisine restaurant Senshin is located along Azabu East Street, near Akabanebashi Station in Tokyo.
Owner-chef Tatsuya Tsushima, approaches his cuisine with great sincerity in helming the restaurant. After working at a famous restaurant in Tokyo, Chef Tsushima honed his skills at the Ginza- Uchiyama, and was also involved in the establishment of Chisou Kouryu. He opened Senshin in July 2022.

The name Senshin comes from a four-character idiom that means single-minded dedication with one’s whole heart. Rather than simply piling on premium ingredients, each ingredient is carefully and painstakingly finessed to bring out the best flavors. Furthermore, the chef listens to the guests and makes every effort to meet to their needs.

The meticulous workmanship is obvious in the homemade black sesame steamed yokan served as a dessert to close out the meal. The process of roasting, grinding, steaming, and packaging black sesame seeds is done repeatedly, taking two days to complete. The one-of-a-kind dishes that incorporate the ambition “to have customers to eat something made right down to the last bite, and to want to eat it again” make food foodies’ palates sing with delight.

The freshest ingredients are sourced from producers from Hokkaido to Kagoshima as well as from trusted brokers with whom the Chef Tsushima has long-standing partnerships. He always remembers to express his thankfulness to the producers, saying, “I will use what you have made with gratitude.”

The sake list includes 25 to 30 varieties, including Senshin from Niigata’s Asahi Shuzo, which reads phonetically the same as the restaurant’s name; Katsuyama (En and Ken) from Tsushima’s hometown of Sendai; Kakurei from Niigata; and Oyama from Yamagata. The lineup is stocked with a wide variety of dishes created by Chef Tsushima, so we recommend that you convey for likes to the chef and leave it in his hands. There is also be a full array of non-alcoholic beverages, including Royal Blue Tea, a high-end tea served in first class on international flights, and Honki Juice, which is available exclusively at restaurants.

The concept of the interior design is “to let customers enjoy the restaurant as if they were going to a friend’s home”. It features a white-wood L-shaped counter (8 seats) and a private room (2 to 6 people). Enjoy Senshin as a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy your favorite cuisine, whether for personal occasions with family, friends, or as a couple, or for business entertainment.
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About 3 minutes walk from Nakanobashi exit of Akabanebashi station on Toei Oedo line.



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Lunch course
8,800 JPY / Guest
Seasonal Japanese Cuisine
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Seasonal Japanese Cuisine
16,500 JPY / Guest



Senshin [せん心]

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Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

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1-17-15, Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Senshin [せん心]