Hermitage de Tamura

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Taste the changing seasons with your taste buds and eyes at this Karuizawa retreat surrounded by trees.

The Hermitage de Tamura restaurant is a house nestled amidst the greenery of Karuizawa's forests, known as a high-end villa resort. The restaurant's name, "Hermitage," means "hideout" in French, and it exudes a magical atmosphere far removed from the real world. In March 2017, Chef Tetsuya Otsuka took over the restaurant. Chef Otsuka worked at ”Mushroom”” in Ebisu for three years before becoming interested in a restaurant in a land blessed with a natural environment and training at ”Hermitage de Tamura" under Chef Tamura. He has succeeded in further enhancing the restaurant's reputation as the successor to the famous restaurant by maintaining the taste of his mentor and brushing up in many areas.

The restaurant has been attracting many gourmets with the best dishes that bring together the best of the season's bounty from the rich natural surroundings. The restaurant gathers the most delicious ingredients of the season from all over Japan, including local farmers, and serves highly original dishes. For example, the "Cold Peach Soup," a specialty dish served from June to September, combines ripe peaches with consommé to create a clear, clear flavor while bringing out the flavor of the peaches. The flavor can only be achieved with perfectly ripe peaches, which are purchased in season from different regions from south to north, and blended just before serving to preserve their fresh aroma and flavor. The fresh aroma and flavor are preserved by mixing the peaches just before serving. The restaurant has two sommeliers who prepare mainly French wines, but also local wines from Nagano.

The restaurant is not only carrying on the tradition, but also changing some things. The restaurant has also made some changes to its cuisine, such as reviewing the process of cooking to make it more elaborate and flavorful. The restaurant has 23 table seats and two private rooms that can accommodate up to 4-5 people. The private rooms were partially renovated in 2018, and the tableware has been replaced with simple, high-quality items to enhance the cuisine. The restaurant also places importance on teamwork among the staff and fully emphasizes the feeling that everyone is there to entertain guests. The taste and hospitality of a famous restaurant that has been passed down through the generations and continues to be further refined. This is a restaurant you will want to visit in each of the four seasons.

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Shinano Railway Nakakaruizawa 10 min. by cab




Lunch Course
19,965 JPY / Guest
Dinner Course
22,990 JPY / Guest
Year-end and New Year's lunch course
21,780 JPY / Guest



Hermitage de Tamura [エルミタージュ ・ドゥ・タムラ]

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Lunch:11:30〜13:00 Dinner:17:30〜19:00




820-98, Nagakura, Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa-machi, Nagano

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Hermitage de Tamura [エルミタージュ ・ドゥ・タムラ]
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