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  • kun

    30,000 JPY ~ / Akasaka/NagatachoDining bar, Wine bar

    At a little place in the basement of a building in the residential area around Akasaka station, where celebrities have been known to frequent, you can enjoy the marriage between perfectly matched food and alcohol filled with creativity and ingenuity.


    Details coming soon / Nihonbashi/KandaDining bar, Wine bar

    Enjoy afternoon tea with a view and sweet treats prepared by a celebrated chef atop a five-star hotel

  • Enji

    14,300 JPY ~ / Ginza/Shimbashi/YurakuchoDining bar, Wine bar

    Enji is produced by the same owner as famous "Kun", Mr. Koshimizu. It is a bar in Ginza where adults gather for drinks with delicous food.