81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真

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81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))
Innovative cuisine, Fusion cuisine ・ Tokyo Minato-ku Nisiazabu

  • English speaking staff

8 seats per day, all the time fully booked cook show

Owner Chef Takeshi Nagashima has trained under Ferran Adrià�: the owner and chef of El Bulli - the Michelin-3-starred World's most popular restaurant.
The dinner time starts at 7pm with chef Nagashima's greeting.You will see Chef Nagashima's world-view through his distinctive cuisines.
The tables are close enough to the open kitchen that you can see the chef's cook show. The restaurant only provides 20,000 yen course cooked by Chef Nagashima according to his daily recipe. The best wines will be recommended to pair up with the meal.

An extraordinary dining experience is waiting for you at 81.

※Being listed on this English-language website does not necessarily mean that a restaurant has the ability to provide services in English. There are cases where English language service is a possibility as well as cases where it is not.

  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真
  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真
  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真
  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真
  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真
  • 81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン))の写真

81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン)) ’s Course

  • ※ Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charge as long as there is no additional order.

81 (Eighty One) (81(エイティワン)) ’s Information

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Age: 40's, Date of visit: 8/2017, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: Anniversary
私自信もとても楽しい食事ができましたが、誘った方がとても満足していたのにとても好感がもてました。 また、今年中に伺ければと思っております。 ありがとうございました。
Age: 40's, Date of visit: 10/2015, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: Business dinner
最高でした。 食の劇場。美味しいだけでなく、楽しかったです。目も、耳も、鼻も、もちろん、舌も喜ばせてくれました。 加えて、素晴らしい出会いと再会もありました。再訪します。
Age: 40's, Date of visit: 1/2015, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: Anniversary
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