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Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)
Cooking-Koryori ・ Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi

  • English speaking staff
  • 12yrs old and up OK
  • Photos OK

Legendary restaurant that brought Japanese cuisine and wine together

This pioneering restaurant overturns the established notion that “Japanese food goes best with sake,” by serving wine with Japanese cuisine.

After spending three years in France, Mr. Odajima's exploration of the wonders of wine led him to a flash of inspiration: “Why not pair Japanese food with wine?” The restaurant serves a variety of items that pair brilliantly with wine. The specialty is “Foie Gras Daikon(daikon radish with foie gras).” This is an outstanding dish, topping foie gras briefly grilled with salt on lightly-seasoned roasted radish. Filling the mouth with a mild, subtle flavor, a pairing with noble rot wine will provide a pleasantly lingering aftertaste. The wine selection offers a choice of over 80 varieties.
The service is provided not only in English, but also French and Italian, making this restaurant well-prepared to welcome customers from abroad.

※Being listed on this English-language website does not necessarily mean that a restaurant has the ability to provide services in English. There are cases where English language service is a possibility as well as cases where it is not.

  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真
  • Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島)の写真

Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島) ’s Course

  • Daily ingredient used in our everday couse. The Recommend Course that you can only find in Kappou ODAJIMA.
  • ▼Number of dishes
    8 to 10
    Wine 6 to 8 glass or one bottle is provided accompany with the dishes.

    ※Sales tax, service charge, and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.

Kappou ODAJIMA (小田島) ’s Information

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食事の内容、種類、量もちょうどよく、合わせたワインもどれも美味しかったです。 また折を見て、行きたいと思います。
Age: 60's, Date of visit: 7/2017, Number of visits: 3, Purpose: Date
料理が美味しいだけでなく、ワインとの相性も良く、量も十分でした。 スタッフの気遣いも非常によく、また行きたいと思います。
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