La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真

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La Paix (ラペ (La paix))
French ・ Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashimuromachi

  • Private Rooms
  • Anniversary services
  • Middle school and up OK

A Michelin 1-star modern French restaurant with Japanese spirit of harmony 'Wa'.

"La Paix", a Michelin 1-star modern French restaurant in Nihonbashi Muromachi, Tokyo, means "Peace" in French. It is a restaurant where guests are welcomed and taken care with warm "heart", following the five philosophies of Japan, harmony, mind, connection and five senses.

Owner chef Mr.Ippei Matsumoto used to be a chef at "Au gout du jour Nouvelle Ere" in Tokyo and opened "La Paix" afterwards. He focus on the traditional French cuisine with modern ingredients in Japan to make the best dishes, which you could taste and experience the four seasons. The must-try specailty "Nihonbashi Foie gras Gaufre", a can wrapped by furoshiki (Japanese square cloth), where a Gaufre and foie gras sandwich is inside the can. It is a splendid combination of the tradition of Japan and France.

As for the interior, there are only 20 table-seats and 2 semi-private rooms with a stylish space incorporating Japanese elements. It is also suitable for family gathering, business-use and dates. It is recommended for overseas guests because it is close to Tokyo station and vegetarian menu is also available (upon advance request).
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  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真
  • La Paix (ラペ  (La paix))の写真

La Paix (ラペ (La paix)) ’s Course

  • Upgraded course with the use of abundant seasonal ingredients.
  • Course content
    In total of 11 dishes

    ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※No extra charge as long as there is no additional order.

La Paix (ラペ (La paix)) ’s Information

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