Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真

Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)’s reservation information

Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)
Cooking-Koryori ・ Kyoto Kyoto Nakagyo-ku Huzinisicho

  • Smoking area
  • Children-friendly

Treat yourself with the taste of Kyoto pleasantly

5 minutes on foot from Omiya station(Hankyu Kyoto line) or 8 minutes away from Karasuma station, 'Izakaya Kappo Kiharu' located at the back of a narrow alley, with the appearance of traditional wooden house (Kyomachiya) .

A small restaurant provides counter seat, also tatami with the view of Japanese garden. You can enjoy the substantialicious Japanese dishes with reasonable price.

The seasonal Kyoto-vegetables are carefully grilled over charcoal fire; fresh, juicy taste totally satisfies your mouth. 3 to 4 kinds of seasonal pot dishes are highly recommended. Excellent combination with rare sake and shochu is fabulous. Feel free to book and visit here for family gathering with children or a trip in Kyoto. Vegetarian menu is also available.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

■10-minute by walk from "Shijo Station" (Exit 2) on Kyoto Municipal Subway Line
■8-minutes by walk from "Karasuma Station" (Exit 24) on Hankyu Kyoto Main Line 

  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真
  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真
  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真
  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真
  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真
  • Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春)の写真

Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春) ’s Course

  • Chef's recommendation course with 3 drinks

    ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charge as long as there is no additional order.

Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春) ’s Information

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Izakaya Kappo Kiharu (居酒屋割烹 木春) Recommendations

Age: 50'sDate of visit: 11/2015Number of visits: 1Purpose: Other
コースとお酒3杯の設定でしたが、生ビール以外に4杯美味しい日本酒を出していただきました。 居酒屋レベルを超える素晴らしいお料理でした。
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