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Celaravird (セララバアド)
Innovative cuisine, Fusion cuisine ・ Tokyo Shibuya-ku Kamihara

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Spanish cuisine that depicts the Japanese seasons, based on the Chef's experience gained at elBulli and Martin Berasategui in Spain.

The restaurant has 16 seats including the chef's table. A small restaurant that can look around the moment you entered, decorated in Nordic wooden style. This design makes guests enjoy the meal while admiring the beautiful greenery outside.
The chef, Koichi Hashimoto, gained his experience at famous restaurants such as elBulli and Martín Berasategui in Spain. He offers delicate food in a quantity of tiny plates featuring fresh natural ingredients sourced from trustworthy producers from all over Japan. Each of the dishes are creative work of art, presented in a way to amaze all guests, enabling them to experience all the Japanese seasons to the full.
This is the one restaurant that we definitely recommend if you are visiting Japan.
The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English. Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真
  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真
  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真
  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真
  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真
  • Celaravird (セララバアド)の写真

Celaravird (セララバアド) ’s 套餐

  • Meals : around 12 dishes
    Seasonal Original Course (with proscioutto as an amuse)
    Drinks : A champagne for the toast, 4 glasses of Wine or Japanese Sake of restaurant choice, A Desert wine and coffee or tea.
    We serve Non-Alcohol cocktail as well if you prefer.

    ※ Please visit us by 18:40 pm.
    ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charge as long as there is no additional order.
  • Pocket concierge limited, lunch course with full pairing composition.

    Dishes: Seasonal original course menu, 11 items (including post-meal coffee)
    Beverages: Champagne for toasts, and 4 glasses of pairing

    In case of wish to have non-alcohol drinks, we will prepare non-alcoholic cocktails separately.

    ※ Please visit us by 11:45 am.
    ※ Consumption tax, service charge, and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.

Celaravird (セララバアド) ’s 信息

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Age: 50's, Date of visit: 12/2017, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: 日期
奇想天外なメニューに驚きました。 また何かの機会に利用したいと思いました。
Age: 40's, Date of visit: 11/2017, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: 日期
お料理も、ペアリングのドリンクもすべてに驚きがあり、しかも美味しかったです。 お料理はすごく特別感がありますが、レストラン自体はとても居心地の良いアットホームな雰囲気なのも良かったです。予約が取れないのも納得。1度行ったら、その場で次の予約を入れてしまうと思います。
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