Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真

Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)’s reservation information

Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)
Sushi ・ Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Yotuya

    Relax and enjoy a sushi meal at a counter-only restaurant, located in Yotsuya

    Sushi Wa-sabi is in a favorable location, a 30-second walk from the Yotsuya-sanchome Station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. eight counter seats are perfect for a casual and simple sushi meal. While many sushi places in Tokyo give off a somewhat unwelcoming vibe, this place feels like a good place to have a nice talk, which is part of its charm. Sushi Wa-sabi's speciality is its cured (shime) items. The fish is served in vinegar, which enhances its flavor and scent, and is a traditional Japanese technique.

    Reservations for chef specials can be made even at late hours. The side dishes (tsumami) and sushi go well together, and is also good with sake. While good as a "regular sushi place" that you go can visit by yourself, it is also a good place to go with a good friend to enjoy the side dishes and sushi together.


    We are not recommend you to have a date at Sushi Wa-sabi.
    However, here is a good place to have a casual, low-stress outing with friends over some delicious food.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    * The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真
    • Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび)の写真

    Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび) ’s Course

    • Chef's special course with drinks for the toast(the content of the course varies).

      ※ Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
      ※ No additional charge will be charged unless you place an additional order.
      ※Price List for additional order(Japanese Yen)
      Beer 700
      Sake 800
      Glass wine 900
      Shochu 600

    Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび) ’s Information

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    Sushi Wa-sabi (鮨 和さび) Recommendations

    Age: 20'sDate of visit: 11/2016Number of visits: 1Purpose: With friend
    Age: 40'sDate of visit: 7/2016Number of visits: 1Purpose: With Colleagues
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