La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真

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La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)
French ・ Tokyo Minato-ku Sirogane

  • Taxis Available
  • Anniversary services
  • Elementary and up OK

French cuisine prepared with a dash of Japanese sensibility brings out the flavors of the four seasons

"By putting my heart and soul into each and every dish, I hope to have my guests enjoy dishes that emphasize the flavor and warmth of the ingredients," says owner and chef Hideyuki Shibata. After working as Head Chef at both the Marunouchi branch and the original Ebisu branch of the French restaurant Monna Lisa, Mr. Shibata struck out on his own and opened La Clairiere in the quiet residential area of Shirokane-Takanawa in 2016. Here, "French cuisine," which is a collection of regional cuisines, is expressed in the region of Tokyo as "French cuisine prepared with a dash of Japanese sensibility," faithfully conveying the flavors of the four seasons.

The name "La Clairiere" is intended to evoke an image of sunlight pouring down into a forest. The restaurant's white-themed interior, bathed in gentle sunlight from the windows, is a warm space reminiscent of sunlight filtering through trees. The calm and elegant service of the sommelier and the love and attention shown to the dishes by the chef reflect a warm regard and respect for the interpersonal connections, enjoyment, excitement and encounters experienced by their guests.

Course meals featuring wine pairings are available for both lunch and dinner. Vegetarian menu requests can also be accommodated if reservations are made early. This feel-good French restaurant is the perfect place for everything from entertaining overseas guests to dates and dinner gatherings with fellow wine lovers.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真
  • La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール)の写真

La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール) ’s Course

  • This course is for people who "want to drink specific wine on their anniversary, birthday, or special days".

    This is a tailored course for the wine you bring.

    Please state the name of the wine on the "request" column when making the reservation.
  • ※3 sets of customers per month, for Pocket Concierge member-only.
    ※Please reserve 14 days in advance.

    ※We do not accept children under elementary school age.

    ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charges will occur if there is no additional order.

La Clairiere (ラ・クレリエール) ’s Information

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