Toriki (とり喜)の写真

Toriki (とり喜)’s reservation information

Toriki (とり喜)
Yakitori ・ Tokyo Sumida-ku Kinsi

  • Private Rooms
  • English Menu
  • English speaking staff

A yakitori restaurant in Kinshicho that has gained Michelin one star for seven years consecutively.

Toriki has gained Michelin one star for seven years consecutively. You would be lucky to get a table. If you love yakitori, this is definitely the restaurant that you must to visit. Located in a prime location a few minutes' walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line and the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, and also only 15 minutes' walk from the Tokyo Skytree. The restaurant's small interior offers counter seats and tables in semi-private rooms, surrounded by a cool atmosphere with a straightforward attitude being shown to both the ingredients and the guests.

The chef owner established its own independent restaurant after training at famous yakitori restaurants for 12 years. Every morning he stocks up on carefully selected domestic free-range chicken meat and fresh seasonal vegetables. The small-built chef can be seen using a large fan to carefully adjust the temperature of the charcoal, always diligently endeavoring to grill each skewer to perfection —a true testament to his outstanding skills—. His regular customers can be said to be definitely addicted to the delicious yakitori dishes prepared by this skillful master.

The chef's recommendation course is also available in English, so we would highly recommend it for overseas guests. Here at this restaurant, guests are sure to be able to enjoy traditional chicken kaiseki dishes as part of Japan's famous food culture.
The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English. Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真
  • Toriki (とり喜)の写真

Toriki (とり喜) ’s Course

  • Menu: Toriki chef's recommendation course (around 8 meat skewers and 4 vegetable skewers)

    * Sales tax and service charge included
    * There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.
  • ※Dining time: 2.5 hours. All party should arrive the restaurant at the same time.

    ※Table seat
    The space of table seat is quite narrow and will be a seat next to each other.

    ※Food destriction
    Please make a double confirm when you arrive the restaurant.

Toriki (とり喜) ’s Information

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