Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真

Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)’s reservation information

Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)
Sushi ・ Tokyo Minato-ku Nisiazabu

  • Smoking area
  • Anniversary services
  • English speaking staff
  • Elementary and up OK

Sushi enjoyed at counter seats made with heart

"Sushi Miyazono", a sushi restaurants opens till mid-night which located near the Nishi-Azabu transection, Tokyo. About 10 minutes' walk from Nogizaka Station or Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line or Hibiya Line respectively. A famous restaurant to foreign guests because of its English-friendly service.

"Sushi is made with heart", the motto of head chef has been presented by his skill, heartfully presses the vinegar rice, toppings and wasabi to be a unity. making guests happy with these lovely sushi cuisine. To thoroughly pass the message of "delicious", "beautiful", "behavioral" etc. with sushi that can made guests happy, only the best ingredients will be used. No matter to visit them alone, or having a date or causal dining with others, "Sushi Miyazono" is place that offer you a dignified dining time inside a space that calms you.
The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English. Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真
  • Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園)の写真

Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園) ’s Course

  • The course includes Chef's selected Sushi and Otsumami(side dishes).
  • ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※No extra charge as long as there is no additional order.

Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園) ’s Information

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Sushi Miyazono (鮨 宮園) Recommendations

Age: 30'sDate of visit: 7/2017Number of visits: 1Purpose: Other
Excellent service. Chef and all staff always have warm smiles. Fresh food and fantastic taste. A wonderful night.
Age: 40'sDate of visit: 5/2017Number of visits: 1Purpose: With Colleagues
数々のお店で、お鮨を頂いていますが、その中でも宮園さんは屈指の美味しさです。 ボタン海老は、刺身→炙ったものを握りと、1つの食材がまったく別の形、別の美味しさで提供されるなど、これぞ職人という世界でした。 しゃりもネタによって使い分け。赤酢のしゃりは3種類のお酢をブレンドしているとのことで、ネタの美味しいさをさらに際立たせていました。 人それぞれ好みはありますが、食感・香り・後味もプラスされた大変美味しいお鮨でした。
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