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aeg (aeg (エッグ))
Western international cuisine (Other) ・ Tokyo Minato-ku Sirokanedai

  • Anniversary services
  • English speaking staff
  • Middle school and up OK

Fusing of Nordic and Japanese nature style, a creation of new Worldview.

Along the Platinum Street in Shirokanedai Tokyo, there is a hideaway restaurant managed by a woman chef.It's "aeg" produced by Mr. Yuushi Shundo, opened in 2016. He is also a producer of OREXIS.The genre of restaurant is "Nordic-Japanese cuisine", which is a new genre that fusing Nordic with Japanese style.In Danish the name "aeg" means "Æg (eggs)", containing the chef's aspiration to create various kinds of dishes.The chef Ms. Naoko Tsujimura is an excellent skilled chef. She had an experience working at "Geranium", the first restaurant awarded Michelin 3-star in Denmark.By arranging carefully selected ingredients of Japan to Nordic cuisine, and giving Nordic traditional cuisines a Japanese taste, Chef Ms.Naoko Tsujimura created the free style cooking form provided at ''aeg".The Chef Selected Course provided by Ms.Naoko Tsujimura, the epic story of nature is presented.You would find lithe charactaristic of Japanese femininity in the dishes such as Nordic snacks and sushi of last dish.

There are 8 of counter seats downstairs where you can enjoy talking with the chef.And table seats for 10 people, decorated with large reindeer fur on the walls, for you to enjoy a Nordic atmosphere.With your intimate friends, or anyone you would like to share a new experience, try this new combination genre taste of Nordic and Japanese together. "aeg" provides English service, and Vegetarian menu (upon request at the time of booking) , for oversea guests to easily enjoy.

※ The restaurant is located in the underground.No elevator, stairs only. For wheelchairs user and people with disability, we will be willing to offer our help.
The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English.
Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

12-minute walk from Shirokanedai station, Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line
12-minute walk from Shirokanedai station, Toei Mita Line
14-minute walk from Hiroo station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真
  • aeg (aeg (エッグ))の写真

aeg (aeg (エッグ)) ’s Course

  • Including:
    Several snacks of motif in Nordic& Japanese nature style, home-made bread, fish appetizer, meet appetizer, egg dish, fish dish, meat dish, sushi, soup, and desert.
  • ※Sales tax, service charge and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.
    ※Please remind us in remarks column if you are by yourself.
    Time of entry may be changed if the reservation is for one person only. Thanks for your understanding.

aeg (aeg (エッグ)) ’s Information

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