Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真

Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)’s reservation information

Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)
Sushi ・ Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Nisikanda

  • Smoking area
  • Anniversary services
  • English speaking staff
  • Elementary and up OK

With colorful "Kutani" ware, taste Edo-mae sushi and creative Japanese cuisine here

Located at Jinbo-cho, Tokyo, “Sushi Yoshino” is with a concept of “A Sushi house where you can enjoy both food and dishes”.
Focusing mainly on “Kutani ware”, only using limited instruments such as “Arita-yaki” and “Kyoto-yaki” produce, serving gorgeous cuisine and sushi, together bring you a full-space show.
Chef Keiichi Nishimoto, who graduated in Osaka, got his experiences from training in, Marunouchi and Shimbashi sushi restaurant, finally independent in 2016.
With his perfect skilled craftsmanship, he developed a Chef recommend course with Edo-mae sushi as main, interwoven with original Japanese cuisine.
For example, in the early summer, asparagus would be used as a standard "Seasonal vegetable slide", seasonal vegetables are also used in dishes such as "sesame tofu”.
Sushi vinegar, which can be said the spirits of sushi, are using 7 kinds of blends vinegar from all over the country here, centered on red vinegar, made by Kisaichi brewing in Chiba prefecture. Excellent compatibility with the finish dishes such as Kohada.
Sake cuisine with sushi is sake selected carefully pure rice sake, so you can taste the “pure” in colorful “Kutani” ware.
Inside, there is a single board counter made by Ginkgo wood, and a small area of table seat. A perfect recommended for casual dinner or anniversary celebrations, we could arrange you surprise birthday cake if required.
Spend your important date at a sushi shop is also something special in Japan. Family use is also recommended since we welcome children of elementary school children and above.
The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English. Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

■5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Jinbo-cho
■5 minutes walk from Jimbocho line on Toei Shinjuku Line
■5 minutes walk on foot from Jimbocho, Toei Mita Line

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  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真
  • Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの)の写真

Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの) ’s Course

  • ▼ Course content
    First-come, 4 sashimi, 4 snacks, 8 sushi, bowl, dessert

    ※ Please choose from one of red wine, white wine, beer and sake for one drink.
    ※Sales tax, service charge, and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No additional charge will be charged unless you place an additional order.

Sushi Yoshino (鮨 よしの) ’s Information

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