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One pair every day, enjoy "vegetables" nurtured by the Japanese land in our main dish

The best French restaurant "TSU · SHI · MI", where the chefs serve only one set of guests every day. Since opening during 2010, we continue to pursue the real taste of the vegetables nurtured by the land of Japanese with a great emphasis on "Cuisine Terrors".

Owner Chef, Mr. Seizi Tsushimi studied at famous French restaurant, then returning to Japan, studied at the branch in Tokyo. In 2000, "Restaurant Miraville" was opened by him independently. Since that time he had a strong commitment to vegetables and has built relationships with contracted farmers. Today he become a pioneer who spreads the thought of "Goods delivery directly" to most restaurants, and it award Michelin 1 star in the worldwide gourmet guide for three years consecutively. After that, Ginza opened "Miraville Impact" in 2007, which is a pioneer of dessert restaurants. And in 2010, he suspected the restaurant affairs depending on the evaluation of the gourmet guide and returned the top stars, reopened "TSU · SHI · MI"again.Tsushimi Chef attends activities to support Japanese farmers and agriculture through the concept of NIPPON's Earth Cook. In "Gault et Millau 2017 Edition" published at the beginning of 2016, "NIPPON's Terroir is superbly expressed” as the best restaurant to continue won the highest chef prize.

There is no menu in "TSU · SHI · MI". He draws the composition according to the fresh vegetables on the day, selecting from the limited edition of 15-16 dishes of vegetables, as the leading role. Tsushimi Chef offers a full course of selective glass wines (8 glasses) by himself among over 200 kinds of limited Japanese wines. Apart from the "farmland" dish which is also a specialty, it is possible to construct vegetable by focusing on "TSU · SHI · MI". It is not only a vegetarian dish, but also a main character calling "vegetables" that grows up in the land of Japan. Fishes and shellfishes raised in the Sea of Japan, and then meat raised in the mountain also plays a role of complementing the taste of "vegetables".

"TSU · SHI · MI" has prepared an extraordinary space of food that only one pair a day can taste. As well as cooking, Chef Tsushimi who works at the design of dishes on food presentation, the interior and exterior design and paintings of restaurants, dish pictures and website designs, etc. He makes these by his own hands, and all his soul that can be said Super Multi Chef. Experience the whole full of thought of producers by the course of all over Japan on dates and anniversaries with your important person.

■ Access of "TSU · SHI · MI"
7 minutes on foot from Keio Inokashira line "Komaba Todai mae station"

  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真
  • TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ))の写真

TSU・SHI・MI (TSU・SHI・MI(ツシミ)) ’s Course

  • All 14-16 dishes
    Enjoy NIPPON(Japanese) vegetables with carefully selected domestic meat and seafood, taste their delicious flavor.
    will be pairing domestic wine of about 8 glasses combined here.

    ※ Consumption tax, service charge, and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ There is no extra charge as long as there are no additional orders.

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Age: 30's, Date of visit: 9/2017, Number of visits: 1, Purpose: With family
妊娠中の嫁のために、アレルギーや苦手な食材が多い中、予想を上回った食事でした。 間違いなく、嫁との思い出になりました。 代表的な一皿以外に、とっても美味しいのが何個かありました。手間もかかり、発想も素晴らしいの連発でした。 一皿ずつツシミさんが説明しに来て、サービスもバッチリ。 感謝 ラッキー
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