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Oryouri shibuu (お料理 志ぶう)
Cooking-Koryori ・ Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza

  • Middle school and up OK

A Japanese restaurant filled with the sophisticated style of Ginza and serves dishes made from nutritious and nourishing ingredients

Oryouri shibuu is a Japanese restaurant which opened In November 2017 on the B1 of the Senri building along the Namikidori in Ginza-nichōme. Opening the door to the restaurant you are greeted by a 7-seat counter made of Japanese cypress. The owner, Kenichi Shibuya, welcomes each and every guest and serves warm dishes full of flavor.

The owner was trained at a restaurant called Asada, a famous restaurant in Aoyama/Akasaka, Tokyo. After that, he worked as head chef for 6 years in the Japanese restaurant Ootani in Ginza, before opening his own restaurant, Oryouri shibuu, in the same area.

What he finds most important in cooking is using nutritious and nourishing ingredients. He serves turtle, puffer fish from autumn to winter; sea bream from spring and early summer; and in summer conger pike and eel is on the menu. These are all served in a Japanese soup bowl with rich, nutritious vegetables. He also uses his experience when he was working at Asada on making soba from soba flour that is sourced from all over the country to provide handmade soba noodles which are very delicious. In general, while there are mainly simple dishes with rich textures, there are also unique dishes, which leave a strong impression. Sophisticated dinnerware, such as Kutani-ware, Arita-ware, Kyoyaki-ware, and Edo-Kiriko (faceted glass), further enhance the seasonal cuisine.

The owner is also a qualified sommelier, who selects and samples wine mainly from France which adds charm to the cuisine. Although any choose to pair sake with soba, there are many other ways to enjoy the cuisine, like pairing red wine with the taste of the mori soup.

Since the restaurant's interior is designed to shorten the distance between the customer and the chef, the kitchen chopping board and counter are at the same height. Customers are therefore able to see the chef’s skill with the kitchen knife and the way he works. The restaurant is often used as a setting for casual entertainments, couple anniversaries and dates. The owner also has experience in teaching foreign visitors how to cook, so he would be please to receive foreign guests at his restaurant.

* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English. Please be aware that there are restaurants where service in English is not available.

5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza-itchōme Station.

  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真
  • Oryouri shibuu  (お料理 志ぶう)の写真

Oryouri shibuu (お料理 志ぶう) ’s Course

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    Starter 2 dishes, soup bowl, sashimi, medium dish, grilled dish, simmered dish, handmade soba, sweets
  • ※Tax, service charge to the restaurant and reservation fee to Pocket Concierge included.
    ※ No extra charges will occur if there is no additional order.

Oryouri shibuu (お料理 志ぶう) ’s Information

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Oryouri shibuu (お料理 志ぶう) Recommendations

Age: 20'sDate of visit: 3/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: With Colleagues
銀座の中心街からほど近い場所でありながら、地下にひっそりと大将お一人で切り盛りされるカウンター席は居心地がとても良かったです。片側だけひじ置きがあってクッションも効いているカウンターシートはかなり良いと思います。みんなあれにすればいいのに。。 お料理は、ブルーチーズを使った茶わん蒸しなど一風変わって面白いものから、季節を感じる伝統的なものまで様々。そして最後のお蕎麦はさすが。お客様の好みや来店歴を考慮してメニューを構成されていたのも大変好印象でした。 経験豊富な和食の料理人さんでありながらソムリエの資格もお持ちとお聞きしていたので、今回はワインを合わせていただきましたが、どれも和食に合うテイストで良かったです。日本酒もいいものを揃えておられるそうなので、次はそっちも楽しんでみたいですね。
Age: 50'sDate of visit: 3/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: Business dinner
お世話になりました。 お料理もワインも大変美味しい戴きました。 また、お邪魔したいと思いますので、よろしくお願い致します。
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