How to make your reservation

step 1

Choose your restaurant

Search through our list of restaurants based on your preferences, dates, desired atmospheres and purpose, etc., and choose the restaurant most fitting to your needs

step 2

Check availability

Check the availability on the restaurant page and make a reservation by clicking the "reserve" button.

step 3

Customize your reservation

Input the details of your dining purpose, guest information, etc., so that we can inform the restaurant of the details. By informing the restaurant in advance, we can ensure you a smooth and hospitable experience.

step 4

Send through the reservation information to the restaurant

The details of your reservation will be sent through to the restaurant.
※The reservation is not yet confirmed at this point

step 5

Receive confirmation email

Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation notification. You can also check your reservation status through the "Reservations"