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Delicious Dining Experiences by Cherry Blossoms

Delicious Meal While Watching the Cherry Blossom

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is a flower that symbolizes Japan. If you are lucky enough to visit Japan during the springtime, we would like you to enjoy the beautiful sakura. We will introduce the top cherry blossom spots and their blossoming schedules mainly in Tokyo and Kyoto. Since each area varies in the peak blossom season, a little bit of advice is necessary in order to fully take advantage of this season. Let’s take a small trip in 2019 to check out these stunning cherry blossom locations.

We would like to talk about the Japanese tradition Hanami and introduce Pocket Concierge Restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto with a full view of cherry blossom trees from their windows.


”Hanami”=Traditional Event of Cherry Blossom Viewing to Celebrate the Coming of Spring

“Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) is one of the traditional cultures engraved deeply in the heart of the Japanese people and is an event enjoyed all over the country. The most dominant opinion is that the noble class in the Nara Period started this as a traditional custom to celebrate the coming of spring, while watching cherry blossom flowers. It is said that the first cherry blossom viewing was actually a plum tree from China and not the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms only have a short 2-week span from blossoming to scattering. The beautiful full bloom season is not very long. “Hanafubuki” is a flurry of cherry blossoms and is compared to the fragility of human life. Once you think the flowers have blossomed, it fades away and is gone in a blink of an eye. This symbolizes the Japanese view on life and death. Cherry blossom is a nature’s poem to Japanese people about seasons.

There is a tradition from Edo period where “Dango" (rice cakes) is eaten while watching the cherry blossoms. The Dango is made up of three colors and are called “Hanami Dango".

Each color has a meaning

White:The whiteness of snow expressing the remnant of winter
Pink:Pale red representing cherry blossoms and the breath of spring
Green:Feeling of early summer (mugwort)

The colors symbolizes the transitioning of seasons.

Many popular cherry blossom spots sell “Hanami Dangos" (cherry blossom viewing rice cakes). Even more popular are the “Hanami Bentos”. Various colorful ingredients of spring are packed into wooden lunch boxes and are enjoyed with family and friends under the cherry blossom trees.

Along with adoring the cherry blossom trees, gathering, drinking and enjoying precious time with loved ones is also one of the traditions of Hanami.

Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed past daytime and at night time as well, which is called “Yozakura” or night sakura, another graceful way to enjoy the flowers.

2019 Cherry Blossom Front Information

What is Cherry Blossom Front?

Cherry blossom front is a line across the map that connects the anticipated dates of full blossom of trees in each areas of Japan. Every year from the end of March to April, blossoming begin in Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto) , Shikoku (Kouchi), and Tokyo.

Some areas north of Tokyo are still snowing in March, therefore the cherry blossoms may only be buds. However the temperature increases drastically in April and blossoming begins from the south to the north. In many cases, sakura in Hokkaido reaches full bloom during Golden Week (end of April/ beginning of May)

・Naha(Okinawa):January 18(Early flowering cherry tree)
・Kochi:March 22
・Fukuoka:March 23
・Nagasaki:March 24
・Kagoshima:March 26
・Nagoya(Aichi):March 26
・Tokyo:March 26
・Kyoto & Osaka:March 28
・Nara:March 29
・Fukushima:April 9
・Morioka(Iwate):April 21
・Sapporo(Hokkaido):May 3

*Data gathered from the blossoming period in 2011-2018

TOP10 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tokyo and Kyoto


Shinjuku Gyoen

Ueno Onshi Park


Hibiya Park

Shiba Park


Omuro(Ninna-ji Temple)


Heian-jingu shrine gardens

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Nijo Castle(Seiryu Garden)

Must-Visit Pocket Concierge Restaurants during the Cherry Blossom Season

Map of Pocket Concierge Restaurants near Cherry Blossom Spots

Cherry Blossom Spots

Pocket Concierge Restaurants








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