Dominique Bouchet Tokyo

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A restaurant by the Maestro of Paris, where the essence of French Cuisine is presented

Dominique Bouchet Tokyo, located in Ginza, is where you can enjoy the cuisine of the owner, Dominique Bouchet, who is the leading figure in French cuisine. As the right hand man to Joel Robuchon, Dominique has been active for many years as the head chef for famous restaurants such as the 3-star Tour d'Argent and Hotel de Cliffe.

In 2004, he opened his restaurant in the 8th district of Paris and named it "Dominique Bouche". He first established a restaurant in Japan in 2013, but relocated it to Ginza-itchōme in 2015. He comes to Japan on a regular-basis to supervise.

Chef Dominique, who has been praised as a master and has continued to evolve with his sensitivity, set the theme of "Dominique Bouchet Tokyo" as "heritage". The traditional French cuisine has been remade to suit the current times, while preserving the essence of the sauce with minimal butter and oil to produce a light taste.

The dining room can be divided according to the number of people by way of adjustable partitions. There are also private rooms available for up to 8 people and can be used for a variety of occasions such as receptions, anniversaries, business or casual engagements. The center of the restaurant features a curved brick wine rack, stocked with mainly French wines, from Champagne to Bordeaux and Bourgogne. Pairing is also very popular. Enjoy a wonderful French cuisine in privacy.

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* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

※ Awarded 1 star on world-renowned gourmet guide Tokyo 2023

■5-minute walk from exit A13 of Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro
■3-minute walk from exit 6 of Ginza-itchōme station on the Tokyo Metro
■3-minute walk from exit 3 of Kyobashi Station on the Tokyo Metro
■7-minute walk from the Kyobashi exit of Yurakucho Station on the Tokyo Metro

【Children's visit to the restaurant】
Please note that children under junior high school age are not allowed to visit the restaurant.



  • 60's

    Date of Visit: 3/2023
    Fantastic meal, service and interior! It’s the same high quality and excitement you would get in Paris.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Other
  • 60's

    Date of Visit: 2/2023
    とても美味しいお料理でした。そしてとても勉強になりました。一皿ごと、ワイン一杯ごと、丁寧に説明して頂き更に美味しさが増しました。久しぶりのグランメゾンで緊張していたのですが、 ソムリエの角さんの柔和な対応に和みました。また是非お邪魔したいです。
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Other
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 12/2022
    Food was delicious with nice presentation. Staff are enthusiastic and courteous
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend



12,320 JPY / Guest
Lunch Heritage
16,800 JPY / Guest
20,160 JPY / Guest



Dominique Bouchet Tokyo [ドミニク・ブシェ トーキョー (Dominique Bouchet Tokyo )]

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Opening hours

Lunch:12:00~ 13:30(L.O.) Dinner:18:00~ 20:30(L.O.)


Summer Holidays, Winter Holidays


1-5-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Dominique Bouchet Tokyo [ドミニク・ブシェ トーキョー (Dominique Bouchet Tokyo )]