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Sushi Shinsuke (鮨 薪介)

Sushi・Tokyo Minato-ku Azabujuban
  • English speaking staff
  • Middle school and up OK

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Delicious, delightful Edo-sushi brought to you by an owner with honed language and customer service skills.

Located just a 2-minute walk from Azabu-Juban Station, another restaurant headed by a young sushi chef full of passion was born in December 2017. Shinsuke Mizutani, who became independent at age 34, opened Sushi Shinsuke.

Chef Mizutani fell in love with the work of a chef at a long-established sushi restaurant in his hometown Nagasaki, and made the decision to pursue the life of a sushi chef. At 19 years old he asked to work at the same restaurant, and his training began as he was given the opportunity to work for a month with no pay. Soon after, he was advised to continue his training in Tokyo, and Mizutani departed. There were tough times, like when he went around sushi restaurants in the city and negotiated to work at each one. However, after 6 years of training at one such famous restaurant, he was motivated to continue at Tsubaki (Ginza), Sushi Ginza Onodera (Hawaii), Sushi Ryusuke (Ginza), and various other sushi restaurants, and at a kaiseki cuisine restaurant in Ginza he even worked as a serviceman. He developed his skills in areas other than sushi such as speaking English, knowledge of Japanese cuisine table manners, and hospitality. "I can't create a good restaurant with just my own power. I treasure the love for the customers, food, and staff", says Mizutani. His ideal is a sushi restaurant where guests and staff create an atmosphere for delicious food and happiness.

Inside the restaurant, you will find 8 seats at a plain wood counter, stained glass ceiling and decor that create an extraordinary feeling. There is a meeting before opening hours every day without fail, and during operating hours, they aspire to deliver such particular service that the timing for giving details about the food and speaking to the guests is determined by gauging the feel and atmosphere of the guests. The sushi is authentic Edo-sushi, made with particular attention paid to ingredients that are domestic and natural. To go with top quality foods like Tsukiji's Yamayuki tuna is vinegared sushi rice with a deep taste using a blend of Yokoi Jozo's rice vinegar and red vinegar. Sushi Shinsuke's sushi continues to evolve every day as it refuses to be confined to the fixed concept of sushi, while respecting the tradition of Edo-sushi.

■ Directions
2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Azabu-Juban Station Exit 4


Omakase course

24,840 JPY


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2-19-7, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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  • Age: 40'sDate of visit: 1/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: With family
    店内の雰囲気と、こだわりのお寿司、器など全て感動しました。 忘れられない味ばかりです。 また、大切な人と一緒にお店に行きます。 特に河豚の白子の味がとても美味しく忘れられません。 素敵なおもてなし、ありがとうございました。
  • Age: 20'sDate of visit: 5/2018Number of visits: 1Purpose: Date
    Beautiful meal, could not imagine it being better. It was a quiet night and we were able to spend a lot of time chatting with the chef as well. It was a perfect way to end our trip to Japan and we will certainly be back on the next trip. Thank you!
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Sushi Shinsuke (鮨 薪介)

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Opening hours
Dinner: 17:00~23:00

No holiday

2-19-7, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Closest Stations
2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Azabu-Juban Station Exit 4 2-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Azabu-Juban Station Exit 4